We work with our clients across the P&L and balance sheet to help them understand areas of potential operational improvement.

In deal

During a Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) deal, we work alongside our Transactions Services and M&A teams to identify and deliver value in order to provide enhanced business diligence. This helps our clients understand what they can do to unlock value creation opportunities as part of exit readiness preparation or to understand the opportunities for increasing enterprise value and optimising cash flow as they assess the optimal price for an acquisition.

We give our clients greater visibility on where potential value resides at all stages of the deal process.

Post deal

After the deal completes, we work with our clients to drive the benefits identified during diligence – implementing the changes to process, commercial arrangements and compliance needed to drive revenue growth, cost reduction and cash flow enhancements.

We take into account all elements of the business. This includes revenue and growth levers, cost and efficiency drivers and cash release from working capital. We derive insights from applying analytical techniques to business data.

How KPMG can help

We have a range of data analytics tools that can be adapted depending on what information is available and the focus of any existing value creating activities.

  • In the initial phase, we identify a set of relevant Value Creation hypotheses.
  • You then select which of these initial hypotheses you would like to validate through data analytics and/or financial analysis.
  • We will then work with you to implement a roadmap, or value creation plan, for next steps in order to unlock the value.

We draw on the support of KPMG's dedicated subject matter and functional specialists where necessary, and align with the latest thinking on global best practice.

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