The Internet of Things (IoT) is being driven by the comprehensive connectivity and instrumentation of the world around us. Connecting the physical world to the digital world gives us better visibility over what is happening in our environments. It can help organisations to make better, faster decisions, automate processes, and enable prediction of future events.

IoT is taking the internet into everything that impacts our lives. It is the future of digital connectivity, data accumulation and system efficiencies. However, implementation requires a sound strategy with a balance between innovation, opportunity and risk.

Frequently asked questions

  • Developing the 'smart' strategy and business case
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Increasing asset utilisation
  • Opening up new revenue opportunities
  • Reducing costs, increasing profitability and productivity
  • Using big data and analytics for better business insights, decision-making and outcomes
  • Aligning the operating model across people, process and technology
  • Reducing cyber security and privacy risks
  • Navigating the fast-evolving technology vendor ecosystem
  • Accelerating growth
  • Optimising performance and profitability
  • Managing risk and regulation
  • Enhancing compliance, reporting and transparency
  • Improved customer experience
  • Operational efficiency
  • Streamlining processes and removing friction

Our IoT services

  • ✔︎
    'Smart' strategy
  • ✔︎
    Market research and analysis
  • ✔︎
    Economic model and business case
  • ✔︎
    Technology vendor ecosystem and navigation
  • ✔︎
    IoT procurement advisory and evaluation
  • ✔︎
    Program management and governance
  • ✔︎
    Cyber security
  • ✔︎
    Technology assurance
  • ✔︎
    Data and analytics
  • ✔︎
    Intelligent data platforms with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning

Our key focus sectors

KPMG focuses on helping major sectors transform with IoT including:

Smart cities and connected infrastructure

Smart power and utilities

Smart food and fibre
(agri-business and supply chain)

Financial services



How KPMG can help

Drawing on our deep industry, technology, policy and analytics insights, we assist organisations to better deliver safe and effective IoT solutions.

We can help with new markets, strategy and implementation, security, data analytics, local and international policy, growth plans and more.

Notable IoT engagements include:

  • developing the smart city strategy, prioritised roadmap and stakeholder engagement for cities and regions
  • working with major clients to develop the business case for commercialisation of IoT
  • undertaking market scans and analysis across communication networks, devices, sensors and platforms
  • IoT strategy for major utilities
  • helping State governments design policy for IoT-enabled digital transformation of the agriculture sector
  • providing IoT specific vendor evaluation frameworks for procurement teams
  • IoT maturity assessments with global benchmarking
  • providing assurance around IoT investments.

IoT insights