As the regulatory pressure to fix the problems of the past rapidly and the operational complexity of organisations continues to become even more intricate, there is greater demand for businesses to deliver seamless, sustainable operations to achieve the required business and customer outcomes.

KPMG’s Customer Remediation offers businesses a way to deliver bundled and repetitive services via an outsourced model. Our services include the subject matter experts (SME), workforce scale, processes and technology that are necessary to deliver on required and desired solutions.

It’s important for our clients to feel confident that we can deal with the volume of remediation work while executing with excellence.

KPMG's Managed Service Operation (KMSO) was established to help our clients remediate their customers – and this is helping businesses re-establish trust with their clients and with communities in general.

KPMG Managed Services

The KPMG Managed Services Operation Centre (KMSO) in Western Sydney is a well-established multi-client facility that specialises in delivering managed services in customer remediation complaints handling and know your customer (KYC). The facility can provide 24-hour processing and is configurable to provide dedicated spaces for each client to ensure data security. KMSO supports both large and small remediation and other customer projects.

To deliver these services, KPMG deploys a unique combination of SMEs, tools and technology and operational excellence. This methodology is backed by capacity that is both flexible and scalable – and supported by KPMG’s specialist advisory services.

Regulatory technology (RegTech) plays an important role in allowing the capabilities to scale up very quickly. Rapid and accurate analysis of hundreds of sources of data, including letters, emails or phone records is done by utilising artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to pinpoint the one or two instances that may be subject to remediation.

KPMG’s focus on quality of advice and delivery ensures organisations can trust that the regulatory expectations will be met – giving you the confidence to focus on your core business.



Three pillars of Managed Services infographic

Three Pillars of Managed Services

1. Subject Matter Experts

  • KPMG Industry and Subject Matter Experts provide in-depth knowledge throughout the life of the engagement.
  • Helps ensure client needs and quality standards are met and exceeded.

2. Operational Excellence

  • Extensive expertise of standing up and running large operations across multiple industries and business areas.
  • Customise and shape well established operational processes, driving Management Information (MI) to support decision making.

3. Tools and Technology

  • KPMG is at the forefront of technology and MS tools.
  • Ability to tailor cloud-based solutions, remote access and data security needs to fit client demands.

Customer-centric remediation is about far more than compensating customers. It’s also an opportunity to rebuild trust and create better customer relationships.

Subject Matter Experts/People

  • Subject Matter Experts in financial services, advice based remediation and operational excellence.
  • Knowledge of your organisation’s culture, policy and processes.
  • Proven approach to building a customer- and quality-driven culture including detailed role descriptions.
  • Customer centric, empathetic customer care representatives.
  • Training material and approach that supports technical, legal and regulatory, and soft skills.

Operational Excellence

Our core management team have run large operations both locally and globally and bring a wealth of experience to deliver scalable solutions. We have:

  • Proven operational processes driving continuous improvement, comprehensive management information and reporting.
  • A robust and mature control and quality framework with a calibrated Quality Control/Quality Assurance model.
  • An approach to managing exceptions, fringe cases and other outliers.
  • Organisational structure and accountability models for each phase
    of the program.
  • Physical and system security that exceeds your requirements.

Tools and Technology

  • Workflow system that embeds repeatability and excellence into every step of a customer engagement.
  • Existing templates and process for team on boarding for both technical and soft skills.
  • Sophisticated capacity planning tools to predicate and manage work force scale and mix.
  • System tools that embed policy and automate it.
  • Management Information systems that feed back in real-time on quality metrics.
  • Proprietary customer-centric methodology that informs how we interact to maximise retention.
  • Ability to track in real-time both interaction and social Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • Artificial Intelligence system that initially characterise and validate files and over time take on more of the workflow.
  • Omni-channel applications that deliver a positive customer experience with high levels of digital adoption to reduce costs.

We work with organisations to design programs that deliver remediation activities first time right. We do this by bringing together our subject matter domain knowledge, operation excellence experience and leading technology and capabilities to every client challenge.

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