It has never been more critical for learning to keep pace with the speed of change. Businesses have been catapulted into new working models as they recover from the pandemic.

Technological advancements such as AI, robots, and automation have disrupted industries and transformed businesses. As a result, jobs are changing and shifting what business critical skills are needed.

In a KPMG survey, 72% of HR executives rated building talent through upskilling and reskilling as the most important factor to consider in reshaping their future workforce.

With hybrid working models the new normal, this has heightened the complexities of learning. And now, more than before, organisations need to rethink how learning can be ingrained and fostered to address the skilling shortage.

What is KPMG Learning Services?

KPMG Learning Services combines contextualised learning content with an employee-centric learning platform, supported by our managed service. We enable businesses to develop and nurture the best talent to keep them thriving.

Our service allows corporate learning to be tailored and integrated into the flow of work to offer a pathway of accessible, relevant content and resources to support lifelong learning and skilling; now and into the future – all in one place.

How does it work?

KPMG’s Learning as a Service model takes a holistic approach that delivers a connected learning ecosystem of co-designed content,
a cloud-based learning platform and seamless operations.

We work with you to:

Align our learning approach with your organisational strategy

Whatever your vision is for your business today and tomorrow, let learning uplift your workforce capability. KPMG’s learning specialists will help you design a strategic curriculum of learning pathways that best delivers the workforce you need for performance.

Deliver contextualised learning

To boost learning to upskill and reskill for success, learning is personalised and adapted to real-world applications that makes sense. This builds context across blended and digital learning experiences, delivering a more significant impact beyond standard content libraries.

Integrate learning in the flow of work

KPMG Learning Services emphasises skilling as a progressive journey along a series of learning experiences that help embed new skills. With easier content discovery and seamless user experience through KPMG’s platform, bite-sized learning is accessible and integrated into the flow of work.

Scale learning to meet the speed of change

As workforces shift and adapt to the future of work, KPMG Learning Services helps accelerate learning transformation at scale, to deliver greater value on your return on investment (ROI). Our technology powers data-driven insights and analytics to help you shift the dial on productivity and execute on your skilling strategies.

Why work with KPMG?

At KPMG, experience matters. Our globally proven experience in learning and alliance with Microsoft combine technologies, industry insight, creative thinking and established excellence to transform your learning.

With local learning specialists and service integrators we can help you rethink, take control and supercharge organisational learning to deliver performance.

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