The idea of a robust and resilient supply chain management has changed. Today's customers expect to be able to access their desired products how they want them, when they want them. Considering the supply chain disruptions experienced in all parts of the globe, ensuring we continue to deliver a seamless supply chain journey is no easy task.

A well integrated front, middle and back offices provides you with a great visibility into how every element of your supply chain is performing, allowing you to better plan your supply chain and spot any problem areas early so you can respond to them efficiently. KPMG Powered Enterprise | Supply Chain, enabled by Microsoft Dynamics 365, is a cloud based platform that provides the processes, controls and reporting functions required to create an effective supply chain management system. Combined with hands on support from KPMG supply chain specialists, Powered Enterprise | Supply Chain, enabled by Microsoft Dynamics 365, will transform your supply chain into a well run network that satisfies your staff and customers well into the future.

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Supply chain: the big picture

This ebook outlines the need to shift to a customer centric supply chain and how a target operating model can help enable that shift.

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How does Powered Enterprise optimise your supply chain management?


Framing your supply chain function

Service delivery

Deciding what gets done and where


Redefining who does what

Data and insights

Optimising planning and decision-making


Automating the way things work


Controlling how everything is overseen

Why choose KPMG Powered Enterprise, enabled by Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Efficient warehouse functions and strong controls for faster and more effective picking, packing and warehouse movements, as well as less shrinkage and greater stock accuracy.

Clear, fast, and accurate visibility of stock levels, stock ETAs and other detailed stock and customer information for better customer service.

Easy management of the stock importation process and stock tracking, ensuring the correct sales gross profit is recorded on all invoices.

Intelligent purchasing suggestions and electronic purchase order creation once purchasing decisions are finalised to maximise cash flow and minimise backorders.

Standard electronic communication functions with suppliers, customers and third party logistics (3PL) including in-built EDI functions to communicate with retailers to streamline operations and save administration time.

KPMG and Microsoft

An alliance designed to future proof your supply chain

KPMG's Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain solution
KPMG delivers Microsoft Dynamics 365 services with the right strategic implementation and business advice. Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines CRM and ERP capabilities with advanced data analytics and machine learning software, enabling you to future proof your supply chain management
Barnas Hus, Norway's leading children and baby products retail company future proofed their supply chain system with some help from KPMG and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Learn more about their journey

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