Intelligent automation technologies are transforming business and operating models in every industry.

We are redefining the future workforce, using intelligent automation to bring knowledge and practical experience to unrivalled scale. We help our clients use emerging technologies, including robotic process automation (RPA), low-code platforms and cognitive automation to transform operating models, innovate to remain competitive, and reimagine both the customer and employee experience.

In the digital economy, customer expectations can change in the blink of an eye. Businesses must be able to adapt their experiences – and build new ones – fast. 

That’s why KPMG has teamed up with Appian.

Appian’s low-code software development platform offers extensive intelligent automation capabilities, which, when combined with our experience, enables you to rapidly build, deploy, use and scale new applications. Appian provides a low-code development platform that accelerates the creation of high-impact business applications, is built in the cloud or on premise, and is inherently mobile enabled. The platform can be used to write new apps from scratch, or to connect and enhance legacy applications already in place, without the need for data migration.

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Together, KPMG and Appian have delivered digital initiatives for clients worldwide. Our complementary solutions and services will help you to accelerate your digital transformation projects and meet your business needs. KPMG’s service offerings help to deliver business transformation initiatives from strategy to execution across people, process and technology to compliment the Appian platform. 

We help our clients to

  • Streamline and automate manual processes
  • Rapidly deploy technology solutions using modern, low-code platforms
  • Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Our approach

We enable organisations to achieve business-wide digital transformation by:

  • Holistically joining business strategy to digital strategy through intelligent automation strategy, ideation and planning
  • Identifying the best opportunities for innovation
  • Helping organisations get prepared, ready to compete, and own their future
  • Turning the intelligent automation technology vision into a reality

Our technology enablers

Our experience spans a variety of technologies, including

  • Robotic process automation
  • Low-code / no-code platforms
  • Process discovery / mining
  • Chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants
  • Image and voice recognition

Low-code platforms

At KPMG, we see low-code as the future of application development and automation. These platforms enable the creation of powerful software applications using a simple graphical interface instead of programming skills.

Low-code platforms can dramatically speed the creation of sophisticated enterprise-class applications that incorporate complex business logic, automate workflow and case management activities, integrate with existing information systems, and enable a slick user experience.

We can help you to solve complex business problems, modernise operations, empower employees or enhance the client experience.

Low-code automates basic processes and allows employees with varied levels of experience to quickly develop scalable business applications. Low-code can expand or enhance the functionality of existing information systems as they are shifted to a cloud-computing environment. And they can supplement or even replace existing legacy applications in the back office.


KPMG has extensive qualifications in intelligent automation, and KPMG and Appian work closely on client implementations globally. We have developed industry and functional solutions to drive operational efficiency and help accelerate business agility.

Appian 2022 Transformation Partner Award
Appian 2021 Value Multiplier Award
Appian 2021 Value Multiplier Award

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