Optimising operations has never been more important. When it comes to decision making, leaders are often left to rely on instinct. In pursuit of better outcomes, they find themselves leaning on data and analytics – but human limitations or insufficient use of data can mean organisations don’t achieve their full potential.

KPMG has partnered with Elara to introduce a new way to make the right decisions, fast. Combining KPMG’s deep sector and domain expertise with Elara’s AI and advanced mathematics capability, we’re helping business leaders push past human capability to achieve operational excellence.

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How KPMG and Elara work with you

KPMG and Elara will facilitate a structured and data driven approach that combines your data, objectives, and decisions to create tailored AI powered solutions for your business that enable:

Holistic & detailed understanding: Get a holistic and detailed understanding of your operations, and drivers impacting performance with the ability to drill into specific metrics and organisational levels.

Risk-free scenario exploration: Experiment with "what-if" scenarios in a risk-free environment, seeing future impact on performance from your potential decisions or external factors.

Embedding optimal decisions: Receive actionable insights on what decisions you should make to achieve your optimal performance.

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Industries we work with

    KPMG and Elara can help business leaders across a range of sectors to cut complexity from their decision-making.

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Download Operational Optimisation: Decision-making beyond human capability to learn more about how businesses are achieving operational excellence with AI and advanced mathematics.

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Frequently asked questions

My business has a lot of legacy systems. Will it be an issue?

Elara's business intelligence reporting tool runs unobtrusively alongside your existing legacy systems, automatically applying AI and advanced mathematics to your data, no matter its shape, form or size.

Elara was designed to tackle complex, disorganised and dynamic data. It can easily integrate with any live or offline system.

Can Elara integrate with my current systems and processes?

KPMG and Elara work with your data regardless of its complexity or scale. Combining AI and advanced mathematics software allows us to bring your data together and create a dynamic ‘digital twin’ of your business. This can help us:

  • gain a deep understanding your entire operation
  • predict and explore different scenarios
  • determine actionable steps to achieve operational excellence

Will KPMG provide training on accessing Elara?

We’ll work with you every step of the way as we embed Elara into your business. We’ll make sure you understand how best to access and utilise Elara to achieve optimal outcomes for your organisation.

Which operations can Elara help with?

Elara’s business intelligence technology can power every area of operation, including:

  • prioritising investment
  • optimising transformation and future improvements
  • personalising customer engagement and products
  • arranging individual tasks across teams
  • fine-tuning team composition, availability and location
  • creating individual capability journeys for employees
  • coordinating purchasing and supplies.

Is it a lot of work for my team to upkeep the program?

Elara is data-driven, which means the decisions continually adapt as they connect to live data while your business operates.

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