What does it take to keep customers loyal?

How do you provide the right service on the right channel at the right time? How do you manage costs in the face of changing demands? Building an integrated marketing, sales and service engine is the formula for success.

KPMG Powered Marketing, Sales and Service draws on leading practices to help you put customers front and centre. We’ve helped businesses in various industries around the globe to leverage real-time data and the latest tech to extend reach, retain customers and reduce cost to serve.

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What our clients have achieved

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Bringing you the future of customer experience for Retail

In a retail market pressured by customer demand, service design is more important than ever. How do you build stellar customer experiences? How do you meet and exceed expectations?

To rise above the challenges, retail leaders need to harness data for actionable insights, stay agile in the face of rapidly evolving customer behaviours and leverage the latest tech to redefine the retail experience.

Put customers at the heart of decision making across all channels. Powered Marketing and Service provides immediate access to leading practices and processes − helping you drive efficiencies, optimise operations and deliver on your customer experience objectives.

Bringing you the future of customer experience for Financial Services

Marketing, sales and service teams in the financial services sector work in a highly complex and regulated environment. They must foster trust, navigate a landscape of well-informed customers and confront rising expectations in an age of digital immediacy.

Powered Customer helps our financial clients harness emerging tech to help drive efficiency, customer experience value, and agility in response to shifting demands.

KPMG Powered Marketing, Sales and Service – how does it work?

Powered Marketing, Sales and Service uses cloud technology, enabled by leading platforms, including Microsoft and Salesforce, to help you:

  1. Engage customers across all channels seamlessly and effectively.

  1. Adopt a leading practice CRM and single view of the customer enablement.

  1. Leverage data to inform strategy and the customer experience.

  1. Build a next gen marketing, sales and customer service function.