The KPMG High Growth Ventures team works exclusively with Australian startups, connecting them to the professional services they need to drive their business forward.

With a network of local and global specialists and a deep understanding of the ecosystem, High Growth Ventures helps founders reach their next milestone – from startup to scale and beyond.

Why work with KPMG High Growth Ventures?

Your journey is our journey

Whether you’re looking to set up the right foundations, bring on new investors, expand overseas, or gear up for IPO, we’re here to help. Our services are designed to evolve as your business and team matures.

We’re in your corner

Our portfolio managers work closely with you, accompanying you along every stage of your growth journey. With a deep understanding of your vision and mission, we help you unlock access to the vast experience and knowledge within the broader KPMG network.

Services tailored for startups

Founders and their teams face very different challenges compared to other organisations. All of our services are designed with these in mind, and delivered by a team of specialists who have experience working with high-growth startups.

Founder focused, founder first

We believe that when the founder succeeds, the startup succeeds. That’s why KPMG High Growth Ventures are proud sponsors of Upside, a 9-month program to help founders unlock optimise themselves, their team, and their business.

Holistic ecosystem support

From helping founders grow their network to our national sponsorships with Innovation Bay and Climate Salad, we’re committed to shaping the future of Australia’s startup ecosystem.

Our services for startups

KPMG High Growth Ventures can assist with:

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