The industry is littered with examples of failed or incomplete data migration projects.

The impact of getting it wrong is failing to realise the benefits of your new platform, and possibly being unable to effectively run the business as usual. See how KPMG Powered Data Migration can help.

The introduction of cloud technologies, the modernisation of legacy architectures and increasing M&A activity, are resulting in the need to migrate data between applications and organisations. In these situations, to maintain business as usual, there is a need to migrate complete and accurate business data. However legacy architectures have organically expanded over the years, which means an organisation can have multiple inconsistent sources, with varying quality of business critical data.

Consequently, the identification and extraction of data has become complex, and often lacks transparency for business owners.

KPMG has a proven data migration capability that supports clients in achieving their transformation goals. We call it KPMG Powered Data Migration - our holistic approach to data migration that takes a business outcomes focus to enable a smooth cutover, minimise business impact and build stakeholder confidence.

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