Readying data for transformation

Good quality data is critical to the success of any digital transformation.

As the first step in our Powered Data method, our Data Readiness service helps organisations start their transformation journey on solid footing by informing transformation planning and readiness with facts rather than theory.

The importance of data preparation

The value of readying data is often underestimated, or not considered at a transformation planning stage.

In many cases organisations are keen to rush ahead with transformation projects without first stopping to thoroughly take stock of their data. Yet, it’s often data quality issues that stop progress part way through a project. The results are financial and time consequences and can result in knock-on effects across the business and its people.

Data quality, completeness and accuracy

As we help our clients meet their transformation objectives, one of the common hurdles they need to overcome is the quality, completeness and accuracy of their data. 

Having the full picture of your data will help empower you with facts, providing full transparency and foresight to make well-informed strategic decisions and manage potential risks. 

Preparation for data migration

Many businesses are migrating their data to the cloud, or looking to simplify their current technology. Increased regulation, data protection and customer trust require data to be migrated in a secure, transparent and accurate way.

Data Readiness is a strong foundational baseline that can support whatever migration journey an organisation chooses. For example, an organisation’s existing data may have accumulated over several years across a number of different legacy sources and may not have the required accuracy or integrity to deliver your transformation objectives or benefits . The Data Readiness step allows us to identify and quantify those challenges early on, so they can be incorporated into up front planning.

The data quality assessment process

Data Readiness is the first step in our Powered Enterprise approach.

Our Powered Data platform and method comes with a suite of standard data profiling and quality rules, and can rapidly assess the quality of your data.

Throughout the process we are transparent about each step, issues surfaced, regulatory obligations and other requirements.

The result is transparency around the state of your data within 6–8 weeks, which can give you the detail you need to inform your business case.

Data Readiness empowers clients and stakeholders with facts around the state and completeness of their data so they can plan and budget for what needs to get done.

Daniel Ferguson
KPMG Partner
Technology Enablement

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