For most firms, supply chains now are global and complex. Whilst there have been significant benefits from this, there is also risk – as well as significant cost associated with managing them. Taking control of the supply chains that support your business requires an integrated procurement function that acts with intelligence and insight. The opportunity is there to transform your procurement function into a valuable asset that promotes growth throughout the wider business.

Faced with empowered customers, emerging technologies, severe periodic disruption and a battle for skills, CPOs face important questions:

  • Can I be a better partner to my business?
  • How can we make self-service the norm for users and suppliers?
  • How can procurement leverage big data to be intuitive and insightful?
  • How can procurement use external insights, tools and technologies to drive better outcomes?
  • What is the best way to make change happen smoothly?

Choose to extend the role of procurement

We’ve worked with procurement teams around the world to deliver Powered Procurement to help drive transformation to create a more agile operation and save costs. Powered Procurement does this by providing proven operating models based on our know-how, leading practices and a set of pre-defined assets built on top of leading third-party technology solutions.

This creates a platform for procurement designed to enhance performance and optimise cost and risk, which could include:

  • Having a user-centric procurement process that boosts adoption and increases spend under management
  • Higher adoption that in turn leads to increased efficiency, visibility and control
  • Unlocking the potential of supplier-led innovation
  • Cultivating a flexible supplier ecosystem that reduces the risk of pinch-points
  • Unified, agile, procurement processes throughout your organisation
  • Improved reporting, analytics and cognitive learning to support business decisions
  • A sound platform for continuous improvement

Powered Procurement can help your function to deliver:

  • 60 percent reduction in invoice processing times, from 20 days down to 8 days
  • 52 percent increase in first-pass match rate for PO-backed invoices

KPMG Powered Enterprise | Procurement is enabled by market leading platforms, including Coupa, Ivalua, Oracle and SAP.

Find out how Powered Procurement can help you

Powered Enterprise | Procurement is an outcome-driven business transformation solution that combines deep procurement knowledge, proven delivery capability and leading technologies to drive sustainable change, rising performance and lasting value.

The Powered Procurement solution provides an out of the box operating model for Source-to-Pay that helps clients transform their S2P process – accelerating delivery and enabling clients to maximise the value of their technology investment.

KPMG professionals understand the human factors involved in business transformation. We can help inspire and empower your people to embrace change, as you align your transformation with industry disruption.

A pre-configured cloud solution, embedded with years of KPMG leading practice and enhanced with automation, Powered Procurement can help you to quickly transform and derive value from your move to the cloud.

What’s in the box?

Powered Enterprise provides you with three integrated elements for transformational success. Using our tried and tested operating model, implementation suite of tools and ongoing evolution services you can choose your desired functional outcomes then make them a reality.

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