Think of the Lab as a centre of gravity that brings together strategy, customer, innovation and experience in a way that helps to connect the dots and provide a deeper understanding of disruption.

With focuses on AI and Quantum, the lab has a multidisciplinary team experimenting and bringing to life solutions alongside emerging trends and a deep understanding of new technologies.

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How KPMG's Innovation Lab can help you

The Innovation Lab will enable you to explore:

Research and ideation

Making sense of disruption, forging ground-breaking concepts and imagining new growth scenarios require a collaboration of bright, open minds. We embrace various disciplines, methods and ways of looking at the world to create unprecedented solutions.



Designing fresh concepts, intriguing value propositions and experimental prototyping can be achieved through our comprehension of exciting, emerging technologies. Think AI, 3D printers, drones, robotics and big data. And we'll be at the forefront all the developments yet to unfold.

Open innovation

Open innovation is at the core of the Lab. We bring together clients with the broader Australian innovation ecosystem including start-ups, technology vendors, students and universities through hack-a-thons, app-a-thons, maker events and meet-ups.

Playing, experimenting, testing, learning and even failing – they are all vital steps on the path to creativity.

The Lab is a space to fire up innovation, challenge assumptions, build experiments and evolve ideas.

We take bold ideas seriously

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