A typical pricing engagement can deliver a yield of 3 to 8 percent profit margin within three to 12 months, and identified quick wins can drive 0.5 to 1 percent profit uplift within three months.

Capitalise on the power of a good pricing and commercial strategy for enhanced profitability and cash flow position. We can help organisations to create rapid customer, product and service rationalisation strategies and prevent margin leakage due to inconsistent pricing practices. By automating pricing processes and realising fit-for-purpose insights, pricing teams can focus on analysis, while the sales teams focus on the selling. Establishing a good pricing practice can help lead to sustainable long-term profitability.

We can assist you in unlocking the power of innovative data-driven pricing strategies for enhanced profits and cash flow.

What are the benefits?

Enhance your profitability and cash flow position

Advanced data analytics

Leverage advanced data analytics capability to rapidly identify profit opportunities and diagnose cash flow leakages.

Identify, test and refine

Identify, test and refine profit and cash flow opportunities through data analytics and our functional and sector experts.

Enhance profitability and cash flow

Unlock quick wins and co-develop tailored approach to pricing strategy and implementation roadmap to enhance profitability and cash flow.

A focus on creating value

KPMG Australia's team can work with you to develop:

A coherent, performance improvement approach

KPMG brings multiple areas of functional and sector specialisation, so that pricing strategy are coherent with your overall organisational vision and goals, market dynamics, product portfolio, and operating model.

Exceptional analytical capabilities

Market leading data and analytics tools that drive descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive capabilities.

Tailored approach

We believe that the best pricing is the one that is tailored to your company-specific, industry nuances and market conditions. Our deep global experience across sectors provides custom insights and overlays.


We work with you and your people to derive recommendations through fit for purpose pricing strategies, tools and technologies, people and skills, decision rights, reporting and more.

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