Would it surprise you to know that KPMG in Canada – part of one of the world's largest and most trusted tax and accounting firms – has one of the largest teams of tax litigators in the country? Or that our trial lawyers spend more time in court than almost any other law firm in Canada?

At KPMG Law, our tax and legal professionals excel at creating tax-efficient strategies and helping clients manage tax risk. But when disputes do arise, they turn to our tax litigation professionals to help bring about timely and fair resolutions.

Clients choose KPMG Law's tax litigation practice because we know what we are doing. Our practice is stacked with former CRA negotiators and Department of Justice lawyers who understand all sides of the dispute and are able to work with all parties at the table. We understand the nuances and considerations at play and are able to prepare accordingly.

As part of the KPMG network of member firms, we see the wider picture in which our clients operate. So while our focus is on helping clients avoid or manage contentious issues early in the process, allowing them to save time, money and protect their relationship with the CRA, our clients also know that our team is very comfortable going to court to defend their position; we do not shy away from a fight when a fight is what is needed.

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