Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics are reshaping the business landscape, affecting financial performance and long-term business success. With heightened pressure from stakeholders and regulators to drive long term value through sustainability, we support organizations in integrating ESG matters into their operations.

Optimizing your ESG performance can help increase value for your business and stakeholders, including:

  • Enhanced access to capital: Improved ability to raise funds at more favourable terms, including through government grants, tax incentives, institutional investors and other capital providers
  • Increased consumer loyalty and talent retention: Enhanced brand value, reputation and engagement from customers and employees through commitments to responsible business practices
  • Decreased operational costs: Lowered costs through sourcing sustainable suppliers, reduced disruptions to business operations, managing regulatory compliance, and financial benefits gained from cost takeout and improved efficiencies
  • Improved competitive advantage: Proactively addressing and implementing ESG principles ahead of competitors to boost productivity, innovation and market placement

Our ESG solutions

KPMG stands out for its climate risk strategy and emissions data assurance capabilities

Verdantix Green Quadrant:
Climate Change Consulting 2023

Through technical subject matter expertise, industry-leading experience, data-driven technologies and global alliances, KPMG in Canada’s experience across critical ESG issues means our professionals can assist you in creating the right roadmap for your ESG journey.

KPMG helps turn insight into opportunity for your business, people and the planet. We designed our services to put ESG at the core of your operations — where it should be.

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Putting the ESG agenda at the heart of everything we do

KPMG believes that sustainable growth is the only way to build a successful business and have a lasting impact on our environment and society. That’s why we published our collective ESG commitments and the actions we are taking in KPMG International’s Impact Plan. Being transparent about how we see our role in the world and openly reporting against our progress has never been more important. Our Impact Plan shows how we’re leading by example and gaining insights to convert to opportunities that help clients on their own ESG journeys. We’re supporting this commitment with a multiyear investment program to help accelerate global solutions for Environmental, Social and Governance issues.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

ESG is a framework to integrate environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities into an organization’s strategy to build long-term financial sustainability and value creation. ESG strategies can help companies achieve long-term sustainability, drive economic vibrancy and deliver long-term value through effective engagement with all stakeholders.

Investors increasingly expect transparent reporting aligned to industry ESG standards to help companies engage with their stakeholders and communicate ESG performance consistently and transparently.

We can help you tailor your ESG strategy to the risks, realities and ambitions of your business and provide an ESG framework, solutions and services to help you start your ESG journey.

Considers how a company acts in its role as a steward of nature, such as energy use, recycling practices, pollution, and natural resource conservation. ESG criteria includes a wide range of non-financial scoring categories, used by investors and other stakeholders to assess the impact of a company’s products and business practices on sustainability and social causes.

Examines how well a company manages relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and the community.

Is concerned with a company’s leadership, internal controls, executive pay, audits, and shareholder rights.

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