Accessibility for People with Disabilities

KPMG in Canada is a proud equal opportunities employer and we are committed to creating a respectful, inclusive and barrier-free workplace that allows all of our people to reach their full potential. This website provides information on KPMG’s Accessibility Policy, Accessible Customer Service Standard Policy and Multi-Year Accessibility Plan. We are committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience. This page describes the additional options that are available to help you view and navigate this web site.

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Feedback may be provided via any of the below delivery channels:

  • By email to the Employee Relations Services Team at, or 1-888-466-4778 Option 3
  • In writing
  • In person

Additionally, a client may request for their KPMG Contact to complete and submit feedback on their behalf.

For individual’s providing feedback and wish to receive a response, the Accessibility Contact Person will respond as soon as practicable, within seven (7) business days of receipt. A reply will be provided in the format: by email, phone or in writing. The response will contain an acknowledgement of the receipt of the individual’s feedback and outline any further action(s) to be taken. Where appropriate, feedback will be taken into consideration as part of the ongoing review of KPMG’s Accessibility Policy, Accessible Customer Service Standard Policy and Accessible Customer Service Standard Procedures documents.

Further assistance and availability of accessible formats

If you have questions about accessible employment at KPMG, or to begin a confidential conversation about your individual accessibility or accommodation needs, we encourage you to contact KPMG’s Employee Relations Service team for support by emailing or by calling 1-888-466-4778, Option 3.