As economies and organizations continue to navigate the effects of the pandemic, it is essential that conversations are taking place to ensure sustainable growth and prosperity for the future. How do we grow in a post-pandemic world? What does the future of work look like? How have customers' demands changed? How have different industries been impacted? What will they look like 10 years from now? How do you continue to deliver sustainable growth? And how do you remain ahead of the competition?

Organizations now have the opportunity to capitalize on the learnings and transformative efforts that were forced upon them by the pandemic and turn them into growth strategies founded on the basis of sustainable competitive advantages. This will require firms to focus on organization transformation, innovation, push the boundaries, design work processes with agility, flexibility and efficiency in mind and continue to anticipate and evolve with the changing needs of their customers, employees and shareholders.

Sustained and efficient organizational growth will require:

  • Harnessing of robust data and analytics to gather customer and market insights
  • Creating resilient supply chain networks built with agility in mind
  • Delivering seamless customer and employee experiences through omni-channel operating models
  • Connecting your front- (marketing and sales), middle- (operations) and back-office (support) functions to be better equipped to adjust to changing market conditions and unlock value for your stakeholders
  • Inspiring the confidence of customers, employees and shareholders through a well-articulated and results-focused environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy

80% of Canadian CEOs are confident in the growth of their company over the next three years.

Source: 2023 KPMG CEO Outlook.

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