Digital transformation is not a linear process. It is an evolution that helps ensure organizations keep pace with the expectations of their stakeholders. Digitally enabled, data-driven organizations can better anticipate the needs of their customers, more efficiently integrate into their value and supply chains, and build agility into their systems and processes. This allows them to respond more quickly to market forces, capitalize on digital transformation opportunities and deliver exceptional customer experience. In order to derive true business value and enable an agile and continual approach to digital transformation models, organizations require:

  • A clearly defined digital transformation strategy and roadmap based on organizational objectives
  • Leadership buy-in and support
  • Consensus amongst internal stakeholders regarding the intended outcomes and metrics to measure against
  • A robust data and analytics strategy that tracks progress against objectives and signals requirements for course corrections based on changing market forces
  • The right technologies and enterprise platforms to enable the target operating model
  • Ongoing change management and digital adoption initiatives to help ensure continuous learning and improvement
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75% of Canadian CEOs are making Generative AI a top investment priority.

Source: 2023 KPMG CEO Outlook

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At KPMG, we believe that a digital transformation strategy should be designed with the customer in mind. And know that every industry and sector faces a unique set of challenges and opportunities. That’s why we take an industry-focused approach to digital transformation. From financial services to natural resources, technology to government, healthcare and more, our teams of professionals have the deep industry insights needed to help you define the future of your industry and drive your digital transformation efforts.

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Our team of professionals can help you harness technology and digital innovation to build a connected enterprise. We do this by taking a customer-centric, industry-focused, data driven view of your organization and helping align your front, middle, and back office. This helps ensure that you are more connected with your customers, employees, and business partners. So that you are better positioned to respond quickly to market signals and able to pivot and seize opportunities.

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