Digital transformation helps define business value and innovation through the trusted implementation of leading digital technology strategies. Implementing a robust technology strategy can effectively support business imperatives including increase customer-centricity, improve efficiencies and agility, enable automation and enhance the effectiveness of critical business processes and modernize to gain a competitive advantage. Our KPMG technology strategy and transformation teams deliver the innovative end-to-end digital transformation that connects the front, middle and back-office. We work shoulder to shoulder with CIOs, chief technology officers, other digital leaders, and functional leaders to define their digital transformation vision, a tailored technology strategy, and implementation roadmaps that can deliver business value and create a truly connected enterprise.

To help you transform your organization into a digitally-enabled and secure business engineered for profitable growth, our technology consulting specialists offer proven digital transformation capabilities supported by an unparallel technology vendor alliances ecosystem, extensive industry experience, and effective methodologies.

How we can help

Here are some of the ways KPMG helps our clients with technology strategy and transformation:

Digital strategy and transformation

Digital transformation is one of the biggest and most challenging opportunities for businesses today. Our specialized technology and business teams provide industry-specific solutions and deliver transformative technology strategies, plans and architectures designed to address important business problems and achieve your objectives.

Enterprise architecture

We help plan, design and guide your enterprise architecture development from business architecture through technology. Our holistic perspectives on enterprise design mitigate risks and optimize business benefits.

Cloud strategy and integration

We provide end-to-end cloud integration and transformation services across the entire cloud lifecycle. From cloud strategy and planning to architecture and build, through to cloud-enabled operations.

Enterprise solutions

Our enterprise design services draw upon the deep experience and established technology vendor alliances. We equip your organization with the means to drive value from platform evaluation through implementation and ongoing evolution.

Information management, data and analytics

We help you unlock the value of your organization's data and tap into unique external data sources with trusted data and analytics strategies and solutions. Our knowledgeable information management advisors help clients to gain new insights, make more confident business decisions, and enable more effective real-time and predictive decision-making.

Intelligent automation

Our specialized team brings innovation to operations with the combined skills of technical knowledge and practical experience at scale to help you accelerate your intelligent automation initiatives.

Technology incubation and innovation

Our proven technology incubation and innovation strategies foster the development of new technology projects and facilitate cross-functional teaming.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The rapid evolution of technology-driven business models has brought forth a flood of associated challenges. Businesses and organizations of all types, sizes and ages are confronted by urgent issues for which they have little or no preparation. At KPMG, we believe there should be a balance between strategic business knowledge and technology implementation experience to realize value from technology. KPMG professionals combine knowledge and experience with technical capabilities, delivered with a deep understanding of our industry clients' businesses and their business processes.

KPMG's technology strategy & transformation advisors work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to strategize and implement end-to-end digital solutions to improve their organizations. We provide clients with the means to define an integrated technology strategy and implementation plan that includes enterprise architecture development, cloud technologies strategy and integration, data and analytics, intelligent automation and supports innovation with the use of emerging technologies We help modernize the organization's existing IT legacy systems with a robust technology strategy and platforms to realize your desired business vision.

KPMG has found that most digital leaders embrace the following six enabling capabilities:

  • Evolving to market speed IT: Build a market speed IT operating model that operates in concert and at pace with your specific market dynamics, business imperatives while containing risk and adapting to change.
  • Growing an adaptive IT workforce: Develop an IT workforce strategy that matches evolving technology skills with organizational growth, while accommodating changing employee expectations and ways of working.
  • Enabling modern delivery: Leverage modern delivery techniques such as product management, Scaled agile, and DevSecOps to accelerate and secure product delivery.
  • Exploiting data as an asset: Unlock the value of information with a data-capable workforce that uses new digital tools and data sources to improve business decision-making with actionable insights.
  • Strengthening customer trust: Build customer, technical, and digital trust with an IT function that serves and protects customers while managing technology risk.
  • Fostering dynamic investment: Adjust financial policies to account for new ways of working and bolster the connection between IT spend and business value.

KPMG believes that a proper implementation plan that infuses game-changing emerging technologies into a focused, comprehensive strategy is essential to an organization's ability to survive and thrive in the new digital age. No matter where you are in your technology strategy and transformation journey, our knowledgeable management consulting professionals are here to help.

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