Informed valuation guidance tailored to your need

Valuations are critical to transactions, taxation, litigation, and reporting. The proven experience and insights of KPMG’s dedicated valuation and sector specialists can help you understand the impact of market dynamics and economic volatility on the value of your business or assets.

KPMG in Canada’s robust, independent valuation advice provides informed guidance on valuation matters across multiple sectors, deal stages and client types. With the credibility of a third-party valuation of your business, intangible, and tangible assets, and complex financial instruments, you and your stakeholders can have more confidence in your decisions, transactions, and reporting.

How KPMG can help

  • Value your business, intangible, and tangible assets, and complex financial instruments
  • Advise boards on investments, transactions, formal valuations, and fairness opinions
  • Provide valuation support for dispute resolution and litigation
  • Assist fund managers and sponsors with compliance, transactions, analyses, and mark-to-market including the valuation of level 3 investments
  • Support accounting and tax to fulfill regulatory and compliance requirements

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

KPMG in Canada is respected and trusted by companies, institutions, and stakeholders coast to coast. We have a long track record of investing the time required to understand our clients’ business and objectives and applying robust processes and sophisticated, tailored valuation techniques to every engagement.

We’re a Canadian firm harnessing the power of a global platform. With more than 100 dedicated valuation professionals in our Canadian valuations practice and more than 2,000 valuation specialists in 70 member firm countries, we draw on a breadth of resources to bring market intelligence, deep sectoral knowledge, and insight into global best practices for the benefit of all of our clients.

We are a market leader in performing valuations for pension funds, private equity and a broad range of Canadian corporations. We leverage the power of our firm’s diverse offerings and services for the benefit of our clients, delivering value at every step.

In some instances, regulations require a third-party valuation. In Canada, Multilateral Instrument 61-101 - Protection of Minority Security Holders in Special Transactions (MI 61-101) requires offerors in certain transactions to obtain an independent formal valuation.

In other instances, a third-party valuation may be recommended, such as when a business combination requires a purchase price allocation pursuant to IFRS 3, Business Combinations, as engaging a team of valuation specialists brings greater credibility to the valuation and gives stakeholders additional confidence. Also, third-party valuations are used to leverage the expertise of the dedicated, professional valuation team.

Companies engage KPMG to provide valuations of tangible and intangible assets for financial reporting, annual impairment testing, fairness opinions and tax matters. They also engage us to perform asset valuations for significant business transformations like acquisitions and reorganizations, estimating insurable replacement cost and strategic decision-making.

KPMG in Canada’s Valuation Services team regularly provides independent professional opinions on complex valuation issues arising in the context of commercial, shareholder, family, tax, estate, expropriation, insurance and intellectual property disputes. We also assist in quantifying damages in litigation matters involving patent and license infringement, breach of contract, negligence, misrepresentation, expropriation, business interruption claims and personal injury.

In addition to businesses, we value tangible and intangible assets, and financial instruments.

Tangible assets we value include, real estate, general and specialized manufacturing and process equipment, process support equipment, mobile equipment, telecommunications and broadcasting networks and infrastructure assets. We also value building and leasehold improvements, furniture and fixtures, and office and computer equipment. Intangible assets we value include trademarks, brands, technology and customer relationships.

Our specialized Complex Securities (Financial Instruments) Team focuses on complex and atypical valuations. We help clients value complex financial instruments, ownership structures and contingent contracts including insurance contracts, project finance, senior and mezzanine private debt, mortgages, convertible debentures, preferred securities, interest rate derivatives, commodity derivatives, structured credit, and distressed debt.

Yes. KPMG in Canada is a lead valuator for investments owned by private equity and pension funds in Canada. We’re retained on an annual or quarterly basis by major pension funds and private equity firms to provide independent valuations and to review valuations prepared by fund management for investments across numerous industries.