Pareto Corporation Inc.

Pareto Corporation Inc.

Creditor and stakeholder information

Creditor and stakeholder information

On October 2, 2013, Pareto Corporation Inc. and Pareto Holdings Ltd. (hereafter referred to collectively as "Pareto") filed an assignment in bankruptcy and KPMG Inc. was appointed trustee (the "Trustee").

If you have any additional questions on Pareto's bankruptcy, please call George Bourikas of the Trustee's office at 416-777-8887.

Wage Earner Protection Program (WEPP)

The maximum WEPP payment is approximately $3,400. Should your claim exceed that amount the remainder of your claim is an unsecured claim in the bankrupt estate. Once HRSDC has paid your WEPP claim, HRSDC is entitled to receive any payments to which you might have been entitled (absent payment under WEPP) from the bankrupt estate to a maximum of the amount paid to you by HRSDC. Therefore, depending on the realizations of the estate's assets by the Trustee, you may not recover any amount directly from the bankrupt estate.

WEPP is for employees, only. Accordingly, those who supplied contract services to the company are not eligible to claim WEPP payments. Accordingly, no WEPP claim forms or notices will be made available for contractors.

In order to be eligible for the Wage Earner Protection Program, employees must file a proof of claim with the Trustee.

The Employee Proof of Claim form can be found below.

*Note that if you have already submitted a Proof of Claim to the Trustee, please do not resubmit.

The Trustee will be in touch with you if further information is required. The Trustee will take the agreed upon proof of claim information and complete your WEPP application online. Once the Trustee has completed our portion of the filing we will mail this information to you. You must then go online and complete the application process. You cannot go online to complete you application until you receive the information from the Trustee.

Employee WEPP Update

For employees who have filed a proof of claim with the Trustee, the necessary payroll information has been entered into Service Canada’s online WEPP application form. Employees may now go online to complete the WEPP application confirmation process. Please refer to the document posted below entitled ‘Employee WEPP Application Instructions’ for directions on how to proceed.

If you have not filed a proof of claim, this must be completed prior to completing the WEPP application confirmation process. Please complete the ‘Employee Proof of Claim’ form below and submit it to the Trustee.  Forms may be sent to KPMG via email (

Contact Information

George Bourikas

WEPP Application Instructions

WEPP Application Instructions [PDF 10KB]

Proof of Claim Forms

Employee Proof of Claim with Instructions [PDF 100KB] - 11/8/2013

Proof of Claim – Pareto Corporation Inc [PDF 109KB] - 10/2/2013

Proof of Claim – Pareto Holdings Inc [PDF 107KB] - 10/2/2013

Trustee's Report

Trustee's Report on Preliminary Administration [PDF 1548KB] - 10/22/2013

Certificates of Appointment

Certificate – Pareto Corporation Inc [PDF 261KB] - 10/2/2013

Certificate – Pareto Holdings Inc [PDF 26KB] - 10/2/2013

Notice to Creditors & Claims Register

Notice to Creditors – Pareto Corporation Inc [PDF 787KB] - 10/2/2013

Notice to Creditors – Pareto Holdings Inc [PDF 34KB] - 10/2/2013

Notice of Final Dividend and Application for Discharge of Trustee

Notice of Final Dividend and Application for Discharge of Trustee - Pareto Corporation Inc. [PDF 1.2MB] - 10/31/2022

Notice of Final Dividend and Application for Discharge of Trustee - Pareto Holdings Inc. [PDF 1.2MB] - 10/31/2022

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