Today's rapidly changing business landscape poses unique challenges to both new and established organizations. The integration of new digital technologies, the increasing spread of automation, and the rise of innovative competitors are just some of the disruptive factors that can impact your business and its profitability.

It's estimated that most organizational finance teams are currently planning or undergoing a finance transformation. However, these finance transformation initiatives often fail to deliver the expected benefits. As a leading global service provider in both finance strategy and optimization, and digital technology strategy and implementations, KPMG can assist you in implementing an effective finance transformation strategy that delivers sustained value over the long term.

KPMG delivers tailored finance transformation solutions, from finance strategy and optimizations to technology-enabled transformation to digital finance strategies that can help you better respond to business disruptions and support your business strategy. Our finance transformation service specialists support the increased responsibilities of your chief financial officer and finance leaders to boost the business impact of your financial systems, improve finance forecasting through predictive analytics, and modernize organizational and financial processes to achieve sustainable growth.

How we can help

​Our finance transformation services can help you transform your finance function to deliver performance efficiency, data-driven insights and value to your organization. Here are some of the ways KPMG helps organizations with their finance transformation efforts:

Finance strategy and optimization

KPMG's finance transformation specialists leverage their knowledge, resources and industry experience to help you develop a finance vision strategy and target operating model, business opportunity case, and roadmap for your transformation. We can help you optimize core financials transactional processes, elevate your finance function's service delivery model, and implement tried and tested technology.

KPMG can assist your finance function optimization effort with services such as:

  • End-to-end finance process transformation
  • Finance organization design and optimization
  • Profitability and cost management
  • Regulatory accounting change
  • Integrated business planning
  • Event-driven services such as acquisition, divesture, and IPO support.

Technology-enabled finance function transformation

KPMG specialists help you harness the power of emerging technologies to drive automation through the finance function. Using KPMG Powered Enterprise, an outcome-driven transformation solution, we take a pragmatic and proven approach to enable an accelerated finance transformation journey that derives maximum value from your move to the cloud.

KPMG provides the following technology-enabled transformation services:

  • Cloud-enabled ERP finance transformation
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) strategy and implementation, enabled by cloud technologies
  • Finance hub services
  • Financial close and governance solutions

Digital finance

KPMG's digital finance services help the finance function better respond to business disruption and deliver data-driven insights to the business.

Some of the digital finance services KPMG offers include:

  • Digital finance strategy
  • Extreme automation strategy and implementation, including robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent automation, and machine learning in finance
  • Artificial intelligence-enabled finance forecasting
  • Predictive analytics

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

One of the main challenges posed by finance function transformation is the need to shift to more digital capabilities across the finance function. COVID has exposed many challenges around virtual work, manual work with legacy systems and tools. We are seeing finance organizations shift towards more cloud-based solutions which allow for more agility in the virtual work environment and enable increased automation around the core financial processes.

KPMG provides a number of finance transformation services designed to meet your organization's unique needs. Many businesses seek to restructure their finance function, reduce delivery costs or integrate (or separate) functional activity as a result of corporate transactions. KPMG can help you navigate the following areas:

  • Finance vision and strategy: KPMG's finance transformation specialists can help you redefine your firm's finance function to support wider business strategies and objectives.
  • Finance delivery model: Our finance transformation team will work with you to define an upgraded operating model that will foster the delivery of services for lower cost and greater effectiveness.
  • Finance process optimization: KPMG's finance transformation specialists apply in-depth knowledge to help you define and deliver more efficient and processes, including optimizing financial controls and enterprise performance management.
  • Technology: KPMG can define and deliver digital technologies designed to support your finance function. We have abundant experience in the use and implementation of cloud and emerging technologies to enhance your organization's financial functions, systems, forecasting and processes.

The rapid advance of technological change combined with factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic has compounded the challenges facing many firms' finance functions. Organizations must take these new realities into account in their long-term plans for the shape of the finance function. KPMG can help by raising awareness of these challenges and dealing with them in ways that minimize disruption.

While every organization faces a unique group of challenges affecting their finance function, KPMG has found commonalities in the areas of definition or redefinition of finance strategy, optimizing the cost of finance, enhancement of business partnering, the evolution of financial systems, enabling digital capabilities, and the integration of finance mergers and acquisitions.

KPMG believes that an integrated finance transformation solution can improve all aspects of the delivery of financial services. Our integrated finance transformation services, processes, technologies, and tools provide an analytics-driven framework that can reduce the cost of finance, improve performance and transparency, enhance decision-making, enable better use of capital, and enhance risk management and governance. KPMG can help you evolve the role of the finance function in your organization, and drive efficiency, sustainable growth, profitability, and value in the face of disruption.

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