As with your family, your business doesn't stand still — it evolves. Family businesses are unique, and at the core lies an important dynamic connecting the family and the business through the family's ownership, which offers both opportunities and challenges. Surrounding each decision you may take, are strong family values and a shared purpose that helps you navigate the journey ahead.

We understand that the nature of a family business is inherently different from a non-family business and requires an approach that considers the family component. KPMG Private Enterprise leverages a global network dedicated to offering relevant information and advice to family-owned companies. Our advisors work with you to provide tailored advice — throughout the lifecycle of your business with a focus on your family dynamics to help you succeed.

We can help with:

  • Utilizing technology and digital solutions to drive growth and efficiency in the business
  • Developing long term growth strategies aligned to the family’s purpose and values
  • Implementing security measures to ensure online protection and data privacy is secure
  • Developing policies and procedures in relation to managing the reputational risk of the family
  • Aligning trust and estate plan documentation and the Shareholder Agreement
  • Tax strategies to fund philanthropic activities and social impact investing that enables the definition of specific, measurable and time bound objectives.
  • Finalizing a dividend or distribution policy in order to manage the process of extracting wealth from the business to the family
  • Implementing an agreed methodology for valuing equity upon share transfers or disposals
  • Developing a formal succession plan for key positions within the business and in relation to ownership
  • Engaging the next generation of owners and potentially management

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