Scotsburn Ice Cream Co.


Website of the Liquidator of Scotsburn Ice Cream Co.

Website of the Liquidator of Scotsburn Ice Cream Co.

Winding Up and Dissolution

On December 15, 2016, Scotsburn Co-operative Services Limited ("Scotsburn" or "the Company") held a membership meeting and passed a Special Resolution to wind up and dissolve the co-operative.

The name of the co-operative has been struck off the register at the office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, and in compliance with Section 57 of the act, has been dissolved.

KPMG Inc. has been appointed Liquidator pursuant to the Act.

A Winding-Up Notice was published in the Truro Daily News. A copy of the Winding-Up Notice can be found below.

Winding-Up Notice [PDF 34 KB]


Call for Claims

In accordance with the Act, the Liquidator is holding a call for claims in order to identify any liabilities of Scotsburn that were not assumed by Agropur. The claims bar date has been set for May 24, 2017. Only those creditors and other parties with potential claims against Scotsburn that have not been assumed by Agropur are required to submit a proof of claim form.

The Call for Claims Notice was published in newspapers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Quebec.

Copies of both the Call for Claims Notice and the Proof of Claim form can be found below.

Call for Claims Notice [PDF 15 KB]

Proof of Claim Form [PDF 16 KB]


Distribution to Common Shareholders

On July 29, 2017, the Liquidator issued a distribution to Scotsburn common shareholders equal to the par value of their outstanding Scotsburn common shares.

If you are a common Scotsburn common shareholder and have not received a distribution cheque, please contact the Liquidator.


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