Enterprises of all types, sizes and locations face a common set of challenges to their business operational efficiency. Some of these challenges include cost-reduction pressures, unexpected supply chain challenges, and digital disruption. These issues impact differently from one business to another but dealing with operational effectiveness is generally a straightforward process.

It begins by identifying opportunities for growth, followed by the implementation of Lean Six Sigma principles into your business model. This type of process improvement requires a combination of deep operational and sector experience. KPMG's Operational Excellence team has exactly this kind of experience, and we can help your company improve operations and assure quality while driving value through improved efficiencies in an organization, location, process, technology, sourcing and more.

The concept of operational excellence revolves around a transformation process in operations management that goes beyond the traditional event-based model of improvement. Changing organizational culture over the long term can be a process fraught with difficulty, even though the rewards are worth the time and trouble. KPMG is one of the top operational excellence consulting firms. We've found that to improve operational excellence within an enterprise, management must apply principles, systems, and tools that contribute to the sustainable improvement of key performance metrics.

How we can help

KPMG in Canada can assist you in streamlining processes to achieve operational excellence. No matter where you are in your journey to operational excellence, from reviewing your current processes to implementing game-changing new technology, our team of experienced professionals is here to help.

Here are some of the ways KPMG can help your organization achieve operational excellence:

Operational transformation
KPMG's operations transformation specialists bring a wide range of experience in all aspects of business operations from procurement to supply chain to sales and marketing. We use industry insights to develop an operational change strategy that fits with your strategic business objectives and financial goals to help your organization effectively modernize, increase efficiency and raise operational effectiveness. Taking a holistic approach that works across people, processes, and technology, we develop operations management solutions that fit your business, and have an upfront focus on change management to better support and enable the positive impacts of change across your organization.

Cost optimization
KPMG's Operations Excellence team works shoulder-to-shoulder with you to help design and deliver sustainable improvements to your organization's cost base. Our specialized teams have deep industry experience to help you create tailored cost optimization strategies, enable process improvement, and support the development of a culture of smart spending.

Business analytics
We help you increase business operational efficiency by designing and embedding effective and transformative business analytics across your organization. Based on the desired future state of your business, our specialized teams help you select and prioritize the investments in supporting data and technology systems that will get you there.

Surge capacity managed services

Manage swells in specialized work on a short-term, scalable basis. We plan, provision, train, and execute large, event-based transformation projects across Canada, giving you access to 100+ qualified professionals to achieve high-volume throughput, all while maintaining accuracy and quality. We can help you increase your capacity when you need it most to ensure your organization continues to execute its strategy, meet its goals, and thrive, enabling your workforce to eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on strategy and innovation.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

One of the major challenges facing operations managers is the need to balance cost, quality and time in a robust operations transformation strategy. The importance of flexibility cannot be overstated. With that said, it can be difficult to incorporate different flexibility aspects and options into a successful, real-world operational excellence implementation plan. This and other challenges can be overcome, however, through realistic planning and the skillful application of the right tools and methodologies by knowledgeable people. KPMG's Operations Excellence Team has the skills, tools and experience needed to help see your journey to operational excellence through to a successful end.

First and foremost, improving operational excellence in your business or organization can help you identify growth opportunities. By streamlining processes to achieve operational excellence, operations management issues such as managing growth, cost-down initiatives, efficiency, responsiveness, and digital disruption become much less challenging. KPMG's operations excellence team will work with you to identify which issues and pressures have the highest improvement potential. We can also help you conceive and execute an effective operations strategy best suited for your company.

Designing an effective operational excellence implementation plan requires input and expertise from across the length and breadth of the organization. By involving the finance, supply chain, IT, HR, operations and customer functions, the result will be an integrated solution rather than a siloed view. KPMG can help your business design a representative operational excellence strategy map through definitive consultation using a carefully considered, strategic approach.

KPMG's Operations Excellence Team can drive cost savings, improve business value, mitigate risks and create transparency in operations. Using industry best practices, our operations excellence capability helps clients identify opportunities to enhance cost savings, profitability and growth. KPMG will work with you to determine how you can best define, implement and improve operational excellence, allowing your business to realize its vision and deliver on its strategy.

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