Any immigration lawyer can deliver a work permit application. At KPMG Law, our immigration lawyers deliver smart talent strategies and creative workforce solutions.

We understand the competitive nature of today's talent environment. And we know that immigration plays a key role in shaping a sustainable talent and workforce strategy. That is why our professionals go beyond simply processing applications to instead focus on helping clients turn immigration into a talent driver.

Clients select KPMG Law, not because of our size (though we do have more than 100 professionals focused solely on immigration services), nor because of our deep technical capabilities (we've been providing immigration law services for more than 35 years), but rather for our track record of helping companies of all sizes and across every industry mobilize their workforce and access global talent.

Organizations also recognize that only KPMG Law has the international capabilities, experience and reach to support nuanced and complicated global workforce strategies. Our Toronto-based Global Centralized Management team includes immigration specialists with in-depth knowledge of virtually every country and region. And our affiliation with KPMG in Canada and KPMG International provides our clients with a global coordination capability.

Our professionals are proactive, teaming with clients to understand their business, develop their workforce strategies and anticipate future workforce trends and opportunities. And our culture encourages our people to be creative, strategic and forward-looking; characteristics normally used to describe a start-up, not a business law firm.

In today's highly-competitive talent environment, growing companies need more than just work permits; they need smart talent and workforce strategies. Broader thinking; that's KPMG Law.

Find out how KPMG Law's Immigration lawyers can help your organization realize its objectives. Contact one of our lawyers today.

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