Defining the best way to transform in the cloud

A target operating model is an essential part of the journey towards transforming your business function. Big decisions will need to be made around the future state of your business functions – whether it be HR, IT, Finance or others, and the various factors that will influence your ability to transform them. Clearly defining your desired end result will improve your transformation significantly.

At this stage, we will work closely with your organization’s leaders to create a target operating model to best align with your specific business objectives and requirements. The KPMG Target Operating Model will enable you to explore a leading vision that is personalized to your defined challenges and goals.

Providing a comprehensive approach

Traditional' target operating models often face the challenge of not being comprehensive enough in scope to define a robust roadmap for organizations. They often only cover the traditional process-people-technology relationship, which means they can miss important aspects for transformation such as where the work will get done, how it will be reported and measured and how it will be governed and controlled. To ensure a more holistic perspective that includes not three, but six ‘layers’ to define your model, the KPMG Target Operating Model includes: Process, People, Service Delivery Model, Technology, Performance Insights and Governance.

Understanding how all six components of your Target Operating Model layers relate to each other is key to creating an integrated and highly functional solution. 

KPMG Target Operating Model

Accelerating your journey with predefined tools

Each of the six layers contain predefined 'assets' that are designed to help you get to where you need to be, faster. Each asset comprises a collection of solution accelerators with hundreds of predefined or prebuilt processes, workflows, definitions, integrations, reports, dashboards and even training programs. Using this combination of assets to suit your organization goes a long way towards helping you envision and validate where you are heading.

Turning a move to the cloud into a transformation

The KPMG Target Operating Model can help you turn a potentially standard cloud implementation project into a dynamic functional transformation that will create lasting value. Learn more in the PDF below.

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