Digital disruption and changing customer expectations are creating unforgiving markets where brand loyalty is hard won and easily lost. Keeping up with digitally savvy Canadian consumers is a must, with their evolving expectations, preferences, and behaviours—whether it's a rise in digital adoption, the desire to shop local, or the demand for more transparency. Organizations that don't detect these shifts or build strategies around these new realities will struggle to remain relevant.

Delivering what your customers want—when and where they want it, over their channel of choice, through easy and effortless interactions—is key to attracting and retaining customers and providing an exceptional customer experience (CX). Our team offers a suite of Customer experience consulting services that can help your organization achieve profitable, sustainable growth through customer-centric thinking.

As a full-service consultancy, we imagine, design, and build engaging customer experiences aligned from the front office to the back office. We're purpose-led, people-driven, and tech-enabled, committed to hiring skilled talent who can help your organization with customer insights strategy, design, and technology throughout the CX journey.

Here are some of the ways our KPMG Customer Team helps our clients improve their customer experience:

  • Customer Experience Design: Customers are always at the centre of what we do. While technology is an enabler, we start by helping you create a strategy around customer experience transformation: creating a strategic vision, setting goals, building prototypes or proofs of concepts, developing personas, and mapping the customer experience journey—setting the ground for CX success.
  • Customer-centric Innovation: The market is moving quickly and customers expect their needs to be proactively addressed. We can help you innovate and test new ideas with our rigorous innovation process. We'll bring together all areas of your organization to think outside the box and move from idea to pilot at pace.
  • Customer-led Digital Transformation Strategy and Planning: From there, we can help you build out an operational and technology roadmap to manifest your strategic vision across front, middle, and back office. We can provide a readiness and maturity assessment, create a strategy for digital transformation, and build a business case to gain executive buy-in. This roadmap sets the stage for future growth.
  • Front-Office and Contact Centre Transformation: As Canadian businesses become more digital, the opportunities and challenges to efficiently cater to customers’ needs can become more complex too. That complexity requires customer engagement that is agile, but most importantly effective. We help organizations design and implement strategies and technologies to enable modern contact centres that become Customer Engagement hubs.
  • Technology Design and Build: To bring your customer experience to life, our team can come up with creative concepts for multimedia prototype development, including mobile, AR, and VR. With an agile approach to custom application development, we provide responsive, progressive web design and build, and can help with everything from web content management and ecommerce to cloud strategy, customer relationship management (CRM), and migration.
  • Customer Brand and Marketing: It's one thing to provide a great customer experience—it's another to get the word out. With our brand visioning and valuation, we can help with marketing, sales transformation, and media value advisory services, as well as your retail store layout and omni-channel customer experience. This is supplemented with customer insights from robust data analytics, so you can continually evolve as your customers' expectations evolve.

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All of your employees are responsible for delivering an outstanding customer experience, whether directly or indirectly. From strategic KPIs and their influence on your teams' performance management to cross-functional co-creation of new products and services, customer experience can excite and motivate your teams, leading to innovation and growth.

Customer adoption and technical feasibility are always top-of-mind challenges. In light of this, we take an adaptive and iterative approach to continually refine customer experience solutions. But an oft-forgotten challenge is the cultural adoption of a customer experience-led mindset. Our team can help you define and embed tangible change within your team to maximize success.

Any experience needs to be flexible enough to adapt to the rapidly shiftly digital environment. This means creating re-usable foundational elements that can be deployed across channels—existing and emerging—and empowering your teams to challenge traditional thinking and experiment at pace.

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