Always looking forward

Not all family offices are created equal.

A family office should be built around your unique needs with a team that takes the time to get to know you. A team who understands the complexity wealth can bring—to help turn uncertainty into opportunity. A team who act proactively, not reactively—to offer a way forward.

That’s KPMG Family Office.

Our approach is based on an unwavering commitment to you and your family that is cultivated through deep-rooted relationships, trust, integrity, and a shared set of values. That commitment is backed by knowledge, understanding, planning and communication with you. We help you stay on top of it all by assembling a diverse, forward-looking team that is designed specifically for you, and able to align to your unique needs.

KPMG Family Office brings to you an independent lens, global resources and a 360-degree process that looks at every angle from initial planning to final implementation. We always look forward and think ahead on your behalf. Our advisors are wholly unbiased: We have no product to sell – we have only your best interest.

The result? Proactive, innovative, honest, and resourceful answers to any and all questions you face. Answers that go beyond the immediate and beyond the obvious.

Our focus is not just about helping you grow and protecting your wealth. It’s about understanding and integrating all that matters to you and your family. We help you navigate life changes, reach milestones and face the future with confidence, ensuring all the moving parts of your wealth are aligned in eight key areas.

We help you see what may be coming before it comes. Because when you are always looking forward, you have more to look forward to.

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KPMG as your family office

A family office is the ‘ecosystem’ that an individual and/or family builds around themselves to manage their financial, business and personal matters.

Whether you are seeking a team that can operate as a full-service outsourced family office, help build a customized family office, support an existing family office, or provide specialized project-based services, our first concern is your peace of mind.

KPMG as your family office

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

A family office is the 'ecosystem' that people build around themselves to manage their wealth, including business, financial, and personal matters. A family office addresses:

  • The diverse needs of multi-generational and geographically dispersed families
  • New generations of entrepreneurs and executives
  • Increased complexity stemming from regulations and globalization
  • Growing interest in philanthropy and legacy planning, as well as the need for succession planning

When it comes to wealth management, a traditional wealth management firm advises clients on their investments. They typically do not assist clients in areas such as tax strategy, philanthropy, legal, and others, whereas family offices are multi-disciplinary.

Our integrated team provides services in eight key areas:

  • Tax strategy
  • Legal, estate, trusts and wills
  • Dynamics and governance
  • Wealth and investment strategy
  • Deal advisory
  • Philanthropy and impact
  • Risk management
  • Accounting, reporting and administration

Whether you are experiencing a life change, reaching a milestone or facing a transition, you may find it challenging to manage the complexities of your wealth. Our trusted, objective advisors at KPMG Family Office will work collaboratively with you to manage these complexities and help you achieve your goals and aspirations. For your family office, we can help define and achieve your evolving objectives and create solutions that are tailored to your family's needs. We recognize that every family is different, so each family office we build is as unique as the individual and family it serves.

Family Office leadership team

Our team of dedicated professionals provides independent and objective advice to individuals and families in Canada. We have specialized teams across the country, including in the Greater Toronto Area, Calgary, Montreal, Greater Vancouver Area, the Atlantic provinces, and more. Find a family office advisor near you.

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