Changing demographics, shifts in consumer preferences, technological advances, and globalization are pushing consumer and retail organizations to cut costs, offer more value, and provide better customer service.

The professionals in KPMG's Consumer & Retail Practice combine deep industry knowledge with extensive experience working with clients in the retail sector, plus the food, beverage and consumer products and restaurant segments.

To help ensure you are well-positioned within your industry, we can work with you to focus on:

  1. Transformation in response to the more informed, conscious and connected generation of consumers
  2. Leveraging technology to help improve operations and business models while addressing the threats and opportunities it can also present
  3. Growth and profitability in emerging markets
  4. Driving effective strategy across the industry to help support corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices

At KPMG it is important to us to work with our clients to help develop strategic steps for successful business transformations. We work with you to adapt and capitalize on the trends being set by today's rapidly changing environment.

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