The decline in the number of third-party pension actuarial consulting firms means that, as CEO, CFO or VP of Finance or HR, you may be struggling to ensure your organization receives the quality pension actuarial consulting services it needs as pension regulations continue to evolve. Designing pension plans and competitive packages to help recruit and retain top talent in recent years also means you need to exercise caution when managing pension risks, especially as the economy continues to be volatile.

Introducing Pension Actuarial as a service

Your one-stop-shop

Our Pension Actuarial as a service helps you maintain your sponsored pension plans at optimal levels by providing high-quality pension actuarial consulting services and a unique “one-stop shop” for consulting including:

  • Performing actuarial valuations
  • Pension administration
  • Legislative compliance

Ready to go beyond?

Our exceptional pension actuarial as a Service solution helps you meet your long-term goals

Pension Actuarial as a Service also offers plan design and risk management solutions to adhere to regulatory and legislative requirements and mitigate the impacts of the market on your pension plans.

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