​End-to-end transformation services across the entire lifecycle

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services (including hardware, software, analytics, intelligence and more) over the internet to allow organizations to innovate faster, better manage resources, and achieve greater economies of scale. Cloud computing also offers the opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI to create new solutions, optimize processes, and enhance customer experiences. However, moving to and running on cloud platforms is not a simple task. It requires a strategic approach, a reliable and secure cloud ecosystem, and an optimized target operating model.

KPMG in Canada provides end-to-end cloud transformation services across the entire cloud lifecycle: from strategy and planning, to architecture and build, through to cloud-enabled applications. Together with our strategic alliances, we help organizations implement cloud technologies with AI and generative AI capabilities that can create immediate value, maximize ROI, help you gain a competitive advantage and put your organization on a path to continued innovation.

No matter where you are in your cloud transformation journey, our team of experienced IT, cyber security, risk compliance, and AI and data professionals are ready to help you achieve your vision.

Cloud strategy and planning

Envision and prepare for your cloud journey by identifying the right stakeholders and governance mechanisms; defining expectations for ROI; aligning with the greater organizational objectives across your enterprise; and planning the change management required for successful adoption of your new cloud capabilities.

Our professionals start with your business strategy and objectives to guide our approach and to help you achieve your desired outcomes. Leading with insight, we strive to foster collaboration between business and IT teams to deliver a cohesive strategy.

Cloud protection and governance

Cloud adoption and transformation commonly involves using third-party suppliers to collect, store and transfer user data across geopolitical boundaries. Transformation and benefits realization mean you must also evolve your security, risk, and compliance capabilities to properly protect and govern your cloud systems.

Before you implement a move to the cloud, our team will help you develop a risk- and value-driven cloud security model that addresses critical data architecture and infrastructure considerations. Our integrated approach strives to help you overcome these regulatory, cyber security and privacy challenges and accelerate adoption.

Cloud optimization

Cloud is an evolving tool, with software vendors continually rolling out changes and updates which must be addressed to keep your systems secure and efficient. By optimizing your cloud systems, your entire organization can continue to reap dividends from your initial investments.

Our advisors work with you through the organizational, operational, and governance challenges associated with managing and expanding cloud capabilities. We work with you to ensure you have the right architectures, services, tools, and principles, as well as fulfilment processes and mechanisms, to support large scale innovation.

Cloud transformation

Migrating to the cloud involves modifying, enhancing, and moving an organization's applications to a public, private or hybrid cloud – transforming your IT function to its new operating model. This is the most technical, lengthy and resource-intensive step along your journey.

Our team can help your carry out and manage this important work. Our best of breed approaches and tools allow us to jumpstart your business transformation – helping to reduce time to delivery and quickly drive value for your organization.

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