The business landscape is changing and so is your business reality

Generic industry benchmarks may not reflect the true nature of your company, your markets, or your point in the business cycle. You need real insights about your unique situation to generate more value from your business.

Whether you’re going through a transformation, conducting a transaction, or trying to achieve a turnaround in performance, our KPMG Elevate solution can help you achieve measurable improvements to revenue, operating margins, cost structures, and working capital positions.

What is value creation?

Value creation refers to performance improvements that don’t come from business-as-usual activities. Rather, they come from growth, costs, operating margins, or a range of other improvements such as working capital and capex.​

What is KPMG Elevate?

KPMG Elevate is our unique way of identifying and delivering rapid EBITDA improvement. We help quantify value for transformations, transactions and turnarounds. Elevate is a combination of top-down strategy and bottom-up implementation—driven by data, informed by experience, executed by professionals, and sharply focused on value creation​.

  • We bring together the insights and execution capabilities you need to deliver financial value—when speed matters.
  • We use pools of proprietary data and insights to identify great opportunities.
  • Our experienced teams tap into their deep sector knowledge and capabilities to help you with those opportunities.
KPMG Elevate

Explore how KPMG Elevate can help you quickly unlock quantifiable value and track the value delivered—from strategy to execution.

Business transformations are essential to long-term growth in today’s highly fluid environment. However, the effort can be daunting and is uncharted territory for many executives. It’s not surprising that most business transformations (73%) fail to deliver on growth and profitability objectives.

True business transformation is an enterprise-wide, complex, and lengthy effort that produces a lasting impact, changes a company’s trajectory, and delivers measurable growth and improved profitability.

But when faced with a host of options in your transformation journey, how do you choose where to place your bets?

By combining proprietary data, tools, and capabilities, KPMG Elevate gives you the robust insights you need to rapidly and confidently quantify and unlock value through transformation.

The four traits of successful transformation

Many private equity funds are activating their value creation plans earlier in the deal process. And sellers are looking to lift their valuations as quickly as possible.

Yet, only one in 10 private equity firms say they manage to reach the full potential of their investment more than 90% of the time.

When working at deal speed, both buyers and sellers need to unlock quantifiable value as quickly as possible. And they need to be able to track the value delivered, every step of the way.

But do you have the data and capabilities to quantify and deliver on those value creation opportunities?

The deal process is a catalyst for broader value realization—both leading up to the transaction and long after. KPMG Elevate can help you uncover previously hidden value to maximize your bid, valuation, or asset price.

Four levers to help uncover value across the organization

Turnarounds can be an opportunity to create a leaner, more flexible, and more competitive company. Successful turnarounds are driven by data, informed by experience, and focused on value creation.

Assessing your options, identifying and quantifying value, and delivering on quick value creation wins can help you drive a sustainable turnaround that will gain stakeholders’ confidence.

But how can you move from crisis to value realization?

KPMG Elevate is designed to deliver value and confidence in times of stress. Our proprietary data, tools, and capabilities can help to give you the insights you need to quantify and unlock value, no matter where you are in your turnaround journey.

Four steps to rapid and successful turnarounds

Are you ready to create more value from your business?

Generic industry benchmarks may not reflect the true nature of your company, your markets, or your position in the business cycle. Getting reliable and timely insights about your unique situation is key to generate more financial value from your business.

By using more than 300 value-based analytical modules, KPMG Elevate is designed to bring together the right data points, industry experience, and analytical capabilities to offer you reliable insights about your business – at the speed you need it – to drive value

KPMG’s proprietary data sources and our experienced professionals, shift away from generic industry data to tailored benchmarks used for your organization. This helps you compare against peers in your market and your sector, leading to reliable, relevant, and smart insights about your unique situation to help realize more value from your business.

Contact the KPMG team to discuss your business objectives and how our specialists’ network can support your organization.

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