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Traditional approaches to due diligence often fall short in the face of today’s fast paced and complex deal-making environment and especially, for dealmakers looking to maximize business value for the long term.

As the deals landscape continues to evolve, influenced by factors like economic pressures, digital disruption, geopolitical risks, regulatory demands and ESG considerations, a robust due diligence is key to achieve the desired deal outcomes.

KPMG Diligence+ provides a holistic, data-informed perspective on a deal’s risks and opportunities. It delivers the necessary insights for making rapid, confident deal decisions, emphasizing risk mitigation, and identifying quantifiable opportunities for tangible value creation.

Experience a new level of due diligence with Diligence+

Drawing on KPMG's established reputation for managing risk, our specialized teams’ industry knowledge, and experience in unlocking measurable business value, Diligence+ helps empower dealmakers to:

  • Comprehensively manage risks: Diligence+ provides in-depth assessments of a wide range of risks, from financial and IT to ESG, tax, and talent, ensuring a balanced deal.
  • Unlock value creation: With our vast proprietary data and industry experience, Diligence+ uncovers insights that can drive tangible value and rapid financial improvements across your business.
  • Make better deal decisions:  Diligence+ presents integrated, interactive reports with a clear view of risks and value considerations across a deal’s lifecycle to help enable more informed and confident decisions paving the way for business transformation from the initial deal stage.

How does Diligence+ work?

KPMG Diligenceuses sector-specific value driver diagrams to dissect the financial and operational factors influencing a business' performance. This targeted approach allows us to focus on what truly matters, identifying potential performance enhancements that can deliver tangible value while minimizing the deal risks.

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