You and your family want peace of mind that your private wealth is being efficiently and strategically managed in accordance with your values, priorities and goals. You also want to be confident that your wealth and assets are invested within a robust risk management and governance framework.

Your KPMG Family Office advisors will work closely with you and your family and alongside your third-party investment and wealth management advisors to deliver you objective, strategic and unbiased advice based on our deep industry knowledge and experience with similar enterprises.

How we can help

Portfolio review and analysis

KPMG Family Office will analyze your existing investment portfolios by reviewing their diversification, account structuring, performance, investment fees and other factors to ensure they align with your wealth goals.

Due diligence and manager introductions

Both qualitative and quantitative factors need to be considered when selecting investment options and building a successful management team. We believe it is critical to present you with your investment options and ensure that you understand the benefits and limitations of each.

Goal-based planning

For your wealth and investment strategy, we start by understanding what is important to you and then work with you to create a plan with defined sub-portfolios that are dedicated to your individual goals and optimized according to your risk capacity.

Financial risk management

We identify, assess, measure, and manage risk within your portfolio with a focus on events that could negatively impact your strategic objectives.

Investment policy development

Your investment strategy must be considered in the context of your overall financial plan, short- and long-term objectives, risk tolerance, investment experience and preferences. We develop an investment policy statement (IPS) for you, which is a strategic guide that will help with the planning and implementation of your investment program.

SRI, ESG and impact investing

We can help you search for investments that provide both a financial return and measurable benefits for the environment and society.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

KPMG Family Office offers a range of wealth and investment strategy services, including goal-based planning, investment policy development, portfolio review and analysis, financial risk management and more.

KPMG Family Office provides independent analysis and objective advice as we work with a third-party advisor to invest your wealth. We work with you to understand your long-term strategic vision, with the confidence that comes from deep industry knowledge and experience with similar enterprises. Our proactive, trusted wealth and investment professionals work closely with you and your family to:

  • Understand your goals and create a plan
  • Develop an investment policy
  • Review and analyze total net worth and investment portfolio
  • Perform manager due diligence and introductions
  • Manage financial risk; and search for ESG, SRI and impact investments

Socially responsible investing (SRI) excludes companies that conflict with the investor's values and includes those based on specific ethical guidelines. Some investments incorporate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria into the investment process. Impact investing refers to investments that seek to generate financial returns while having a positive social or environmental impact.

Many individuals and families feel greatly rewarded knowing their investments not only earn meaningful financial returns, but make a positive difference in the world. If it's important to you to hold investments that produce both a financial return and a measurable benefit to society, we can help in your search for investments that satisfy these goals.

As your investments and the investment landscape become increasingly complex, it's important to regularly review your portfolio and reassess your goals, making adjustments through your outside investment advisor as needed. There are many benefits to a portfolio review, including:

  • Making sure your investments are aligned with your current goals
  • Identifying gaps and new opportunities
  • Ensuring your portfolio reflects any changes in tax legislation and help maximize tax efficiencies

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