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Transform the way you collaborate on your engagements

KPMG One Port simplifies the way we complete tax returns, compilation engagements and reviews by providing a secure hub for your engagements. From sharing documents, to gathering information, to tracking progress on a project, One Port transforms how we collaborate and streamlines our processes, enabling a seamless digital experience where simplicity, quality, and accuracy are at the forefront.

What you need to know

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A one-stop hub

A centralized, cloud-based hub for securely accessing and exchanging information, documents and final deliverables.

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Secure and private

Featuring rigorous security, privacy and compliance standards that KPMG is known for, so you can have peace of mind that your information is protected.

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Improved collaboration

Making it easier to connect and collaborate with your KPMG team by providing a single access point for communicating and sharing information.

How it works

We know that one size does not fit all. One Port is designed to simplify your engagement and improve your experience with the help of these key features.


Cloud-based portal

Access and store your information in one secure location.


Web-based questionnaire

Digitally upload your information, slips and receipts via a pre-filled questionnaire that is shared with your KPMG team.

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Engagement tracker

See the real-time status of your engagement from the moment you submit your information through to accessing your final files.


Automated notifications

Receive email alerts when the status of your engagement changes.

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Online payments

Securely pay directly from your credit or interact card online, for ​invoices owing to KPMG​.

One Port Solutions

We’re always transforming to help you keep pace and stay ahead of the curve. KPMG One Port is continuously evolving to host new products that can help your business manage and analyze complex data, prepare for legislative changes, and support business decisions.

Embrace tomorrow and take your business to the next level with our expanding suite of products, designed by KPMG specifically for our clients.

Our latest launches:

KPMG’s Pay Equality Dashboard helps our clients respond to the growing trend of legislation aimed at pay transparency in Canada. In an intuitive interface, clients can examine and visualize their organization’s pay data. It also empowers our Pay Equality professionals to pinpoint variances in pay for equity-deserving employee groups based on protected grounds such as gender identity, ethnicity, indigenous status, etc. while accounting for the impact of factors such as experience and performance.
The Dashboard includes the versatility to calculate the pay gap in line with requirements across multiple jurisdictions and global reporting standards. In addition to supporting compliance, the Dashboard equips organizations to be competitive in recruitment, particularly in attracting diverse talent, and in retention, and employee engagement.

Pay Equity laws in Canada address differences in pay based on gender, setting out detailed regulations for employers to provide employees with equal pay for performing work of equal value. As job evaluation is a key step in achieving pay equity, KPMG’s Job Evaluation System is a one-stop shop to manage your entire job evaluation process, from administering and completing evaluations to analyzing results. KPMG recognizes that all organizations are unique, and our tool provides the flexibility to customize subfactors, number of levels, definitions, and weightings based on your distinct values and priorities.

KPMG’s Trade and Customs Dashboard helps businesses like yours navigate the complex global trade landscape. The dashboard offers a secure and easy way to visualize your trade data such as previous tariff expenditures, and enables our customs professionals to identify opportunities for refunds, and proactively mitigate potential risks in future audits. The insights can inform your strategic trade management, facilitate compliance with applicable regulations, and optimize business opportunities on the international stage.

Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates or related entities.

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