Canadian corporations must meet Canadian corporate income tax obligations based on their worldwide income. With tax laws and regulations constantly changing and growing increasingly complex, staying compliant can be challenging. KPMG in Canada's corporate tax professionals can help your business effectively manage tax exposure and ensure compliance while optimizing value through proper tax planning.

For corporations, it is important to consider corporate income tax when making business decisions. Our team can help ensure that your company is structured in a way that helps you manage taxes efficiently and anticipate potential risks.

KPMG in Canada corporate tax professionals have extensive experience managing corporate tax needs in an environment increasingly focused on tax transparency. KPMG is a recognized leader in the tax services field, with skilled tax and advisory professionals that can deliver effective tax planning and compliance services.

Key service areas

KPMG corporate tax professionals can help corporations stay abreast of evolving tax issues during any stage of growth and advise on how corporations can respond effectively and efficiently.

KPMG in Canada's corporate tax professionals provide a variety of services, including:

  • Tax planning and advice
    • KPMG's corporate tax team provides tailored tax planning and advice for tax-efficient transactions and structuring that align with your business objectives
  • Corporate reorganizations, mergers, and acquisitions
    • KPMG's corporate tax team has extensive experience advising on corporation reorganizations and can assist in navigating the complex rules, advising on tax implications of proposed transactions, and identifying tax planning opportunities.
    • Due diligence, transaction structuring, and post-acquisition integration require careful attention to detail. We provide the support and advice your corporation needs when it comes to corporate income tax for mergers and acquisitions.
  • Tax management and accounting services
    • KPMG's corporate tax team provides tax management and accounting services that are customized to your corporation to help optimize value, manage tax accounting risks, and ensure compliance with tax laws.
  • Income tax compliance
    • KPMG professionals help corporations to identify process inefficiencies in order to minimize corporate income tax compliance risks.
    • Effectively manage your tax reporting requirements (e.g., corporate income tax returns, information returns and tax elections) and stay up to date on the latest tax rates and law changes with help from KPMG in Canada's corporate tax professionals.
    • Work more efficiently by leveraging KPMG's tax technology and innovation tools and software to help automate your tax processes, improve consistency, and quickly gather information for timely reporting.
  • Tax risk and tax audit management
    • KPMG tax professionals can help you understand the CRA's processes and risk assessment approach, including how files are selected for audit.
    • In the event of an audit, our tax professionals can assist in effectively managing the tax audit process. We can provide support throughout the audit process by reviewing request letters, helping to draft responses, and corresponding directly with federal and provincial tax authorities.

Frequently asked questions

Global and domestic tax laws are constantly changing. KPMG in Canada corporate tax professionals can help corporations in Canada assess their risks and current tax position to ensure their tax and corporate strategy are aligned. KPMG corporate tax professionals can help your corporation manage these risks.

Our corporate tax professionals can help businesses reduce their administrative tax burden through tax management and accounting services and help minimize errors that may increase your corporation's tax exposure. We can help your business assess the effectiveness of your corporate structures to ensure tax filings are compliant with the latest changes to the tax rules.

Please refer to our Corporate Tax Rates guide for more information on corporate tax rates in Canada by province or territory.

KPMG's corporate tax professionals draw on our extensive experience to provide tax advice and keep you informed about changes in Canada's complex tax laws that may affect your business. KPMG tax professionals are available to develop a tax-efficient approach to help reduce the burden on your business, assist in structuring tax-effective acquisitions and dispositions, and identify available tax opportunities.

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