​Market leaders understand that their organization's talent help unlock a competitive advantage. As businesses continue to transform digitally, there is an increased and pressing need for Human Resources (HR) functions to create lasting business value by building the workforce needed to compete in a digital future.

HR executives stepped up to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and played a critical role in enabling business continuity and success. For example, HR teams were key in driving employee engagement practices as their talent moved to a remote work or hybrid work setting; they developed purpose-driven initiatives to strengthen corporate culture, and implemented more structured diversity and inclusion efforts to address long-building issues of systemic racism and inequity.

In order to sustain this impact and become strategic partners to the business, HR leaders are moving on from a reactive short-term view on talent management processes to a more visionary and prominent role in shaping the workforce to strengthen the overall organization.

The HR function can be central in driving a culture of inclusion and innovation, supporting employees' upskilling and reskilling to strengthen business capabilities and enable new ways of working and collaborating to increase productivity and employee engagement, among other strategic efforts. By embracing analytical insights, digital tools, workforce-shaping methods, and purpose-driven practices, HR will have the opportunity to reinvent work and drive value in the post-pandemic enterprise.

How we can help

KPMG in Canada's people and change team can help your organization strengthen performance through proactive HR approaches, transformational plans, and change management programs to enable your organization's most valuable asset: your people. We help you shape your organization's future of work with specialized knowledge and industry experience implementing HR transformation programs, diversity and inclusion strategies, talent management processes, change management practices, and more. Our main services include:

HR transformation

The transformation of the HR function to address our changing business landscape and to be able to compete in the future remains a key challenge for many organizations. We help you develop a tailored HR model that aligns with your business strategy and that is equipped with the appropriate structure, capabilities and technology systems to help your HR function deliver real value to the business and shape your future of work.

Change management

Organizations today need to embrace change in order to survive and proactively drive change in order to sustain a competitive advantage. Whether the change is focused on a specific function or at an enterprise-wide level, changes in corporate strategy, processes, systems, and technology require that people perform and behave differently. We help you design and implement effective change management programs that mitigate organizational risk and realize sustainable benefits.

Equity, diversity and inclusion

Championing diversity and inclusion in the workforce is a commitment to be carried out with clear intent and discipline. All people, with diverse experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds, must feel welcome and thrive in our workplaces and communities. We help organizations create accessible, equitable and inclusive working environments by conducting diversity and inclusion reviews and helping clients develop and implement multi-year strategies and learning programs.

Talent strategy

Talent management is the process of developing people, driving employee engagement, streamlining HR processes, and optimizing supporting technologies to effectively address changing business conditions and seize opportunities impacting your workforce. We can help you assess and define talent management strategies that create real business impact for optimal talent acquisition, performance, development, and organizational structure.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Long before the pandemic, KPMG developed a blueprint called KPMG Connected Enterprise, identifying the capabilities of a digitally transformed, customer-centric organization. COVID-19 has highlighted customer centricity and digital transformation as imperatives, including in the HR function.

Our robust functional digital transformation methodology, Powered HR, is designed to enable sustainable change and lasting business value by following leading practices in the implementation of technology and organizational design to optimize your HR processes for performance. Our proven methods and tools, along with our specialized and experienced teams, put us in a strong position to help you achieve your Digitial HR transformation objectives.

85 percent of Canadian CEOs in our 2020 KPMG CEO Outlook survey indicated that the sustainability of their organization in the digital age depends critically on a workplace culture in which employees feel more empowered to learn and take risks without fear of failure. Our people and change services team can help you define and implement the strategies, process and tools that will help your talent thrive in the digital age and support your organization's vision.

Common challenges relate to questions such as:

  • How do we foster a sense of belonging for all employees?
  • Why are attrition rates higher than at peer organizations?
  • How do we achieve equity in pay?
  • How do we ensure an accessible and inclusive virtual work environment?
  • How do we measure and report on I&D progress at an organizational level?

KPMG in Canada's people and change team can help organizations meet these challenges head-on with our specialized teams and extensive experience implementing diversity and inclusion programs. We collaborate closely with KPMG Law's labour and employment law practice to help clients to understand and mitigate regulatory risks and design compliant programs.

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