The extraordinary disruption that workforces have experienced over the last few years has accelerated the adoption of new ways of working that, for many, had only seemed aspirational... until now.

From adopting new technologies and collaboration tools, to moving to remote work or hybrid work models, to making inclusion, diversity, and equity (IDE) priorities for talent attraction and organizational development, there hasn't been a shortage of HR changes and challenges for all organizations.

The possibilities for the future of work continue to evolve as new and disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) are adopted and societal changes define more purpose-led and inclusive work environments. Organizations with the vision and ambition to future-proof their workforce will be better positioned to innovate, deliver on their customer promise and grow sustainably.


89% of CEOs expect to increase their headcount over the next three years, with 27% anticipating an increase of 6-10%


77% of SMB leaders expect an increase in headcount over the next three years, with 38% anticipating an increase of 6-10% and a further 20% expecting growth of 11% or more


75% of Canadian CEOs are expecting that employees will be back in the office in three years’ time (65% global)

*KPMG 2022 CEO Outlook - Canadian insights

Develop your workforce of the future

We can help you shape your organization's future of work with the right talent, skills, organizational structure and technology. We use effective change management programs, well-established digital transformation methods and the experience of specialized teams from our People and Change, Diversity and Inclusion, Labour Law, Tax and Technology practices to deliver the value your organization is looking for.

Key areas our specialized teams help you address include the following. Reach out to learn more.

  • Upskilling and reskilling your workforce to nurture employee engagement and create more business value
  • Enabling new ways of working with technology adoption to improve collaboration and productivity
  • Designing inclusion, diversity and equity programs to attract and retain high performing teams
  • Accelerating your HR function's digital transformation to automate mundane task, create efficiencies and enable data-based decisions
  • Complying with labour regulations and requirements

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