Welcome to Beyond – a podcast about protecting the future.

Meet our team of cyber specialists at the intersection of business insights and entertainment, as they take you on an immersive audio journey into the realm of cybersecurity.

New technologies and innovations open the door to novel ways of living, conducting business and shaping our reality. But, as we move towards this digitally enabled future, we must not lose sight of safety and security. KPMG in Canada created this podcast to illustrate the vital role cybersecurity must play in protecting our world today, tomorrow and beyond.

Season1: Destination Digital ID

Imagine a world where you never have to carry a physical passport again or have to feel the dread of losing your driver’s license at the most inopportune moment. A world where your identity information is safe and secure, while accessing services is faster and more seamless than ever. This is the promise of digital ID.

Join us on the first series of KPMG in Canada’s Beyond Podcast to explore what digital identity is, how it stands to change our lives and what we can do today to ensure our identities are protected well into the future.


Season 1 teaser [PDF 220 KB] | Episode 1 [PDF 450 KB] | Episode 2 [PDF 440 KB] | Episode 3 [PDF 435 KB] | Episode 4 [PDF 435 KB]

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