Connecting the silos and creating a seamless and secure digital experience

Trust lies at the heart of any digital economy. With the increased shift to the digitization of public and private sector services, as well as increased expectations from customers (including citizens, patients, employees, students and suppliers) for seamless digital experiences across industry verticals, organizations now have access to more user data than ever before.

In fact, they have access to too much data. With regulators imposing harsher penalties for insufficient oversight for data privacy, and cyber-attacks increasing in frequency and sophistication across all sectors, organizations need to break down silos and create a shared and secure, single source of truth for customers – a digital identity.

Current state use cases

Broadly, the current identity model is fragmented, with each sector and service provider managing identity in their own silo. At a micro level, customers may also need to provide separate authentication touchpoints as they engage with different departments, agencies and subsidiaries. This creates a disjointed, cumbersome and at times frustrating digital experience, while also unnecessarily exposing users to additional identity risks.

Current state use cases

Digital identity ecosystem

Through a digital identity, organizations are provided with a standardized, interoperable approach which drastically reduces the risk surface by eliminating redundant points of failure for authenticating a customer’s identity. This new digital infrastructure provides faster, safer, more private and efficient communication between Canadians, governments, brands and participating third parties.

Digital identity ecosystem

Considerations for your leadership team

  • Do you have sufficient legislative cover to consume digital identities?
  • Have you determined where identity fits into your digital consumer experience?
  • Which entities do you require identity attributes from?
  • What standards or trust frameworks will you adhere to?
  • Have you established a governance framework?
  • What is your communication strategy to drive adoption?

How KPMG can help

KPMG’s digital framework enables end-to-end management from strategy to implementation, including operational architecture, digital architecture, and governance…It follows a business-first perspective to solve a client's challenges to deliver business value around growth, risk, quality, and efficiency, creating an enhanced customer experience.

Source: HFS Top 10 Triple-A Trifecta Services 2020

With broad cross-functional capabilities and deep industry experience, and a founding sponsor of the Digital Identity Laboratory of Canada, our team of cyber security, privacy, risk, governance, legal, compliance and technology consulting professionals are here to help you with:

  • Assessing organizational readiness: Using our target operating models, industry blueprints and diagnostics, we can help you review your existing organization’s ability to adopt new identity services.
  • Implementation support: Helping you realize your integrated digital identity vision, from strategy and design to build and launch of your identity services – including recommended approaches to enable secure interoperability with the broader Pan-Canadian Digital Identity ecosystem.
  • Governance: Our professionals can help advise on the development of legal, policy, cybersecurity and privacy frameworks to support successful adoption of your new identity services.
  • Ongoing monitoring and oversight: Transformation is never one and done. We provide assurance and assessments to ensure continued compliance and advise for making continued system improvements.

Wherever you are in your digital journey, KPMG is here to help you shape your future, converting challenges and opportunities into competitive edge. Together, we can create a secure and trusted digital economy in Canada.

Let’s do this.

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