Cyber strategy that balances data protection with accessibility for business growth

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation, securing identities and managing access are vital components for organizations. KPMG in Canada and SailPoint have joined forces to provide innovative solutions to tackle today's most pressing identity governance challenges.

Harnessing the knowledge and experience of both organizations, our alliance offers a seamless fusion of KPMG in Canada's business-first approach and SailPoint's cutting-edge identity governance technology. Together, we help empower businesses to achieve meaningful outcomes by enhancing security, streamlining compliance, and unlocking new possibilities in identity management.

Why choose KPMG in Canada and SailPoint?

Our combined strengths enable us to navigate complex identity governance challenges, ensuring that your organization can stay ahead in an ever-changing digital landscape. From implementing tailored identity governance strategies to developing joint solutions that capitalize on SailPoint's advanced technology, we deliver value that drives success.

Join us on this journey of innovation and transformation, as we strive to shape the future of identity management together. We look forward to collaborating with you and creating a secure and prosperous digital future for your organization.

84% of organizations have experienced an identity-related breach, with 96% believing those incidents could have been prevented.

Source : Identity Defined Security Alliance

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