While you’re gaining convenience, increased efficiency, access to innovative IT solutions, and cost savings from outsourcing functions to third parties – data access, security, and privacy are key concerns. As CRO, CFO, CAE, CTO, or CIO, you also need to ensure you have the capacity and skillsets to perform a critical review of your vendors’ system and organization controls (SOC) reports to understand all your vendor related risks – and the technology platforms to make it happen.

Introducing SOC report intelligence as a service

Audit reports don't need to be daunting and overwhelming. We take the time to review the SOC reports your company receives from vendors, summarize the results, and highlight any issues that may be present.

Professional expertise + proprietary technology

KPMG is a leader in providing SOC solutions to clients around the world. Our global SOC delivery team leverages assurance reports as a core component of your overall third-party risk assessment strategy to deliver useful vendor risk management results. Our SOC Report Review also combines the skills of our experienced professionals with proprietary technology to make the process more efficient and cost effective, so you can fulfil your regulatory requirements on time and on budget.

Ready to go beyond?

We’re here to support you on your SOC readiness. We issue 1000+ system and organization controls (SOC) reports annually, have deep knowledge of SOC report standards, frameworks, and requirements, and always have a pulse on the periodic updates implemented by governing bodies, such as AICPA and CPA Canada.

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