KPMG in Canada helps clients navigate through today's ever-changing tax and business landscape

Unprecedented challenges to the global economy have helped shape a "new reality" characterized by next-generation consumer demands and non-traditional business models. While the evolving post-pandemic economy has ushered in a wealth of new opportunities for businesses, the new normal has also brought forth unexpected tax planning challenges, with a new sense of urgency and a need to simplify tax issues.

Through good times and bad, taxes remain constant. More than ever before, businesses realize a winning tax approach is essential for sustained profitability and long-term growth. KPMG is a recognized leader in the tax services field. Our skilled tax consulting professionals and experienced tax advisory professionals can deliver modern tax services, data-driven solutions and the international tax consulting experience organizations need to succeed.

KPMG works with organizations of all types and sizes, from family offices and entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 organizations and multinational enterprises. United by values and governed by our Global Tax Principles, our professionals can work with you to define and build a target operating model, refine tax planning and compliance processes, engage in discussions around responsible tax, manage complex transactions, and add value to your business. Our goals are the same as yours: protect the organization, boost performance, drive digital transformation and contribute to the organization’s sustainability over the long term.

Here are some of the ways KPMG’s tax consulting professionals can help your organization:

  • Navigating the new normal: The world around us has changed dramatically, but the role of tax and taxation has remained constant. In fact, tax issues are frequently at the forefront of negotiation and debate, driving decisions on strategy and business transformation, impacts towards a digital workforce, complex tax transactions, and post-COVID tax changes. KPMG’s tax specialists and professionals will help you navigate the evolving tax and business landscape in the new reality which can help enable your business to realize its vision and achieve its goals.
  • The digital workforce: While the global pandemic and subsequent recovery impacted organizations to varying degrees, it also accelerated the ongoing shift to a digital workforce. Facilitated by technological improvements, the rise of telecommuting and outsourcing of delivery models have forced corresponding changes to tax laws, corporation tax regulations, taxation technology, and data-driven technologies. KPMG can help your organization adapt its tax approach to accommodate new ways of living and working.
  • Geopolitical shifts: Global political turmoil, pandemic restrictions, trade disruptions, and cross-border tax issues can profoundly impact supply chain management, forcing organizations to reassess their business models. KPMG has extensive experience; our international tax specialists are prepared to help clients effectively deal with these types of tax issues.
  • Diversity in tax: Indigenous people, women, and members of BIPOC communities have made an impact in entrepreneurship, communal commercial enterprise, and resource-related opportunities in recent years. As members of marginalized communities explore commercial opportunities, they may encounter complex tax questions and challenges requiring an experienced tax consulting professional. KPMG’s extensive network of tax professionals brings a targeted approach to resolving diversity-related tax planning and compliance issues.


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As businesses absorb and apply digital technologies in the new normal, tax departments are under pressure to rethink their strategy and approach. Among the many tax challenges facing organizations are an increasingly complex regulatory environment, the effects of digitalization on business structures, and the transformation of the tax function itself. KPMG’s tax services have evolved to meet these challenges. Our skilled tax consulting professionals employ the creative use of technology, process automation, and advanced analytics to drive positive outcomes for all types of organizations.

Individuals and businesses with cross-border interests face daunting challenges when dealing with a complex, ever-changing tax landscape. Tax laws on either side of the border not only differ in substance, but they also evolve independently as time goes by. KPMG’s tax specialists assist their clients in evolving a tax approach that supports their organizations, takes into account differences in international tax laws, and delivers positive results.

KPMG member firms are globally recognized among the leaders in tax services. Although we’re proud of the work we do with many Fortune 500 organizations and multinational enterprises, our clients also include small family offices and independent entrepreneurs. We are guided by positive values, governed by our Global Tax Principles, and driven by the confidence and trust placed in us by our clients. Our skilled and experienced team of tax and legal services professionals empowers change by delivering the modern tax services and data-driven tax solutions successful businesses demand.

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