From rapidly growing Canadian companies to established multinational enterprises, our US Tax Services team of over 150 professionals across Canada is dedicated to helping clients manage their overall Canadian and US tax liabilities, streamline international restructuring plans, and enhance multijurisdictional tax compliance.

KPMG US Corporate Tax advisors have extensive experience in interpreting complex and evolving US Internal Revenue and US Treasury regulations. This allows us to provide professional guidance on cross-border investments and dispense timely advice to our clients, enabling rapid responses to changes in legislation, laws, rules, and regulations. We can work with you to identify, dissect, and resolve US tax issues in the areas of compliance, due diligence, M&A, and tax planning.

Enterprises of all types, sizes and market sectors face continuing challenges as they navigate the complex US Corporate Tax landscape. KPMG’s capabilities are among the best in the industry and our global connectivity enhances our clients’ ability to tackle business tax challenges today, anticipate tax issues to come, and add value in reaching their goals.

Key service areas

KPMG’s US Corporate Tax practice provides in-depth knowledge, innovative strategies, and reliable tax-related insights to businesses and organizations engaged in cross-border commerce. Our key services include:

Tax risk management
Enterprises engaging in cross-border commerce are continually challenged by changes in domestic and international business tax laws. KPMG’s extensive global network allows clients to access tax professionals who know and understand local tax requirements at home and abroad. We can help you respond – rapidly and effectively – to changes and regulations in tax laws that may affect your business. From in-depth due diligence to efficient compliances for cross-border investments, KPMG provides effective US tax risk management, US Corporate Tax rate advice, and business tax planning that is tailored to your organization’s needs.

Tax planning management
Canadian corporate income tax planners often encounter challenges when dealing with the complex and evolving US Internal Revenue Code. In addition, changes to US Treasury regulations and US federal tax laws must be identified, interpreted, and accounted for during the tax planning process. KPMG’s US Corporate Tax practice brings extensive experience and in-depth knowledge to bear on issues affecting tax rates, helping clients achieve efficiencies in their tax planning and in doing so, maintain their competitive edge.

Tax accounting services
Tax accounting decisions can directly impact cash flow, tax liability, and tax reporting compliance for enterprises engaged in cross-border commerce. KPMG’s Tax Accounting Services team applies deep knowledge, experience, and a personalized approach to tax accounting. Our US Corporate Tax professionals can help you evaluate your overall tax position, identify corporate income tax deductions or income deferrals, and recommend the accounting methods that meet the unique needs of your business or organization. Our knowledgeable tax team can address the procedural and the technical aspects of income recognition, expense recognition, cost recovery of capitalized items, inventory accounting, and more.

Tax rates on corporate income
Corporate tax rates differ from one country to another, complicating tax compliance and reporting for businesses engaged in cross-border commerce. In addition, organizations may encounter challenges when attempting to properly align their US company tax and supply chain structures. KPMG’s corporate income tax consulting professionals can assist Canadian businesses and organizations faced with different – and at times conflicting – tax rates on corporate income. Backed by a global network of business tax professionals, our experienced tax team can work with you to create leading tax functions while managing tax risk, maintaining reputation, and clarifying disclosure.

KPMG’s US Corporate Tax Practice provides in-depth business tax advice, information and strategies that can help your organization effectively and efficiently navigate the increasingly complex US Corporate Tax landscape. Contact a KPMG tax professional today to learn more.

Frequently asked questions

Complex and persistent US Corporate Tax issues can erode the benefit of opportunities created through cross-border commerce. Challenges and issues in the areas of tax compliance, US company tax preparation, statutory accounting, bookkeeping and payroll compliance, project coordination, and management can impair an organization’s performance, profitability, and growth. KPMG’s US Corporate Tax professionals understand the ever-changing regulatory environment and how US Corporate Tax rate changes can affect your business. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients, applying the advanced corporation tax calculator technologies, effective tax accounting tools and the vast resources of our international network of tax professionals to help organizations achieve sustainable results over the long term.

The US tax landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, influenced by geopolitical shifts, technological innovation, protectionism, US Corporate Tax reform, and regulatory change. At the same time, changing consumer demands and the emergence of previously unseen types of business models present novel challenges for organizations engaging in cross-border commerce. KPMG’s experienced US Corporate Tax specialists draw upon an award-winning global network of business tax professionals. We can work with you to define and build an ideal target operating model, improve accounting and corporate income tax compliance processes, and manage complex US Corporate Tax rate calculations that add value over time.

The United States frequently updates its corporate income tax guidance. Businesses and organizations engaged in cross-border commerce may receive advisories on forthcoming US tax-related legislation, but their full impact often remains uncertain until the measures are enacted. Until that time, corporate income tax planners cannot know with certainty the effective dates of any legislation, the specifics of tax rates and grandfather clauses, and the prospects of significant modifications made to the proposals as they are considered by Congress. KPMG collaborates with an international network of US tax professionals to keep clients abreast of the latest Canadian and US tax news. Our tax team can help you plan for possible corporate income tax changes, and contingencies, leveraging our skills and experience to quickly respond to challenges and changes before they become intractable.

KPMG’s US Corporate Tax consulting professionals help Canadian businesses and organizations create leading tax functions while managing tax risk, reputation, and disclosure. Our clients gain access to a global network of accounting resources and US tax knowledge provided by tax consultants who know and understand local business tax requirements at home, abroad, or wherever you do business.

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