Managing internal controls over financial reporting (ICFR) takes up valuable resources and can stretch your organization thin. Given increased regulatory scrutiny and the criticality of compliance, however, it’s a function that can’t lose focus. 

Fortunately, while managing, testing, and reporting on ICFR had traditionally been manually intensive, KPMG’s ICFR system can automate workflows and reporting to make your Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) programs more efficient and effective.

Introducing ICFR as a service

End-to-end GRC management

KPMG’s preconfigured, cloud-based ICFR as a service solution addresses the increased data, risk, and compliance challenges of modern financial reporting. Designed by our ICFR and audit professionals, it automates, manages, and monitors your internal control process and includes ongoing KPMG advisory. 

 Our ICFR program can:

  • Simplify ICFR risk management
  • Increase visibility
  • Reduce costs, with lower upfront capital investment
  • Offer more flexibility, through transparent RaaS service subscription fees.

ICFR as a service is hosted and managed by KPMG, requiring minimal business and IT support on your end.

Ready to go beyond?

Drive ICFR cost savings and efficiencies while enhancing risk culture and accountability

KPMG’s ICFR as a Service helps you meet ICFR requirements efficiently and cost-effectively while driving collaboration between your business leaders, control owners, and ICFR teams. The result is a risk culture of continuous improvements and accountability.

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