We build a brighter future by building innovative new products, services and businesses shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

The future belongs to the builders. To those who can seize new opportunities by meeting the world where it’s going, not where it’s been. Ignition builds on KPMG’s deep industry and functional experience by bringing together technologists, programmers, data scientists and human-centered designers to address your most important opportunities and challenges head-on.

We don’t predict the future, we build it. We are Ignition.

What we do

Ignition is the convergence of designers, builders, technologists and deep subject matter experts across both industry and function – and all of it infused with an entrepreneurial spirit that will shape the next chapters of your organization. 

We take a platform approach, bringing the best of our global technology alliances to bear along with market-leading collaborations across our practice areas. Together, we build products and solutions that generate immediate, measurable results. 


Whether you’re wrestling with a problem or want to define the next areas of opportunity for your organization, Ignition’s teams of seasoned innovators and facilitators will work with you to define the challenge at hand, develop hypotheses to test and validate and to scale the solutions that work, in an engaging and dynamic experience that creates energy and buy-in. 

Innovation engineering

Innovation isn’t a lightning bolt that strikes, it’s a well-designed process that pairs with systems and management structures that will make the effort “stick” inside your organization. Together we’ll co-create the next chapters of your organization’s story. 


Designing, validating and scaling innovative, transformative and beautiful digital solutions that meet the needs of your customers of tomorrow, both internal and external. 

Data & advanced analytics

Working side-by-side with our KPMG Lighthouse teams, we’ll help you unlock new insights and drive new value with the data inside your organization. 

AI & Generative AI

The organizations of tomorrow will be a mix of technology and talent. We help get you AI-ready for this new world and build solutions with you that transform your organization into one that is AI powered from the inside out. 

Digital twins

Bring data and analytics to life with dynamic and powerful digital twins, empowering your organization to drive new efficiencies and unlock new opportunities, leveraging our industry-leading technology collaborations. 

How can we help ignite your journey?

Learn more about what you can gain from the Canadian KPMG Ignition experience and book a session by visiting one of our team webpages.