Digital transformation is central to growth, innovation, and gaining a competitive edge. But as organizations embrace cloud-based capabilities and expand their data horizons, they open themselves to identity and access management (IAM) risks that demand constant attention.

KPMG’s identity as a service (IDaaS) keeps those risks in check. We help you understand, optimize, and secure the applications your organization relies on to manage sensitive business, customer, and employee data across its entire network. Going beyond, we help your team stay ahead of regulatory requirements and on top of regular security patches and upgrades, all while meeting today’s growing expectations for enhanced and personalized user experiences.

As a CIO, CISO, or CTO, you understand the criticality of identity and access management. You recognize that even the smallest vulnerability can grind a company's operations and reputation to a halt. KPMG's IDaaS keeps you working in the cloud with confidence.

A secure, coordinated, and consistent IAM strategy

KPMG’s identity and access management (IAM) team wields leading technologies, innovative accelerators, and industry-proven talent to help implement and maintain IAM throughout your organization. We also go beyond to deliver post-implementation IAM services and go-live support.

Our IAM as a service (IAMaaS) approach allows you to outsource daily, monthly, and quarterly business and service operations. This allows your people to focus more on strategic initiatives and profitable growth.

  • Skilled, global resources: Our highly skilled certified IAM team manages your identity as a service operation with any-shore delivery.
  • Reduced risk: Placing a greater focus on IAM system health improves the reliability and upkeep of critical security systems.
  • Compliance enablement: KPMG helps design, build, and operate IAM controls that deliver improved compliance and reporting.
  • Ongoing support: Our services can provide benefits from day one, while ensuring your operations are managed and supported throughout your IAM journey.
  • Lower, predictable costs: Our monthly subscription model provides fully predictable operational costs, reduced by up to 30%.
  • Agile capabilities: We offer operations and functions that adapt quickly to your changing needs.

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