Staying up to date on your current tax situation, the taxation of future generations, and the latest tax laws and opportunities can be overwhelming. Our trusted tax professionals at KPMG Family Office can help manage, enhance and preserve your wealth.

Our strategic, integrated and long-term approach to Family Office tax planning considers the tax issues faced by individuals, families and businesses. With our deep industry knowledge and experience, we work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives, and develop a roadmap that's tailored to your unique tax needs.

How we can help

Tax planning

KPMG Family Office can review the structure of your holdings and operations to help improve your tax efficiency, and to help build your tax risk management strategy.

Acquisition and disposition planning

Our tax professionals can develop tax-effective structuring for the acquisition and sale of your assets or business to help minimize taxation, deploy capital and maximize after-tax proceeds.

Intergenerational wealth

Looking ahead to future generations is important when planning your tax strategy. As part of your wealth strategy, KPMG Family Office can assist you with personal estate planning and the intergenerational transfer of wealth to help minimize taxes.

Asset protection

Protecting your assets for your family and future generations can be a key part of your tax planning strategy. KPMG Family Office can develop strategies to insulate and compartmentalize your assets and liabilities.

Luxury assets

Purchasing and owning luxury assets such as aircraft, yachts and vacation properties come with tax considerations. As part of your family office tax planning, KPMG Family Office can help you optimize the structure of the ownership and operations of your luxury assets.

Structured giving

When you support charitable causes, planning strategically can help maximize the tax benefits. Our tax professionals can help you structure your charitable giving in a tax-effective manner and provide guidance for enhancing your philanthropic impact.

U.S. cross-border and international tax

Tax laws differ across the border and internationally, so it's important to ensure tax compliance if you have a business, property or family member outside of Canada. In addition to Canadian tax services, KPMG Family Office can help simultaneously manage foreign tax regimes arising from citizenship, emigration, residency, compensation and foreign operations.

Worldwide tax compliance

Tax compliance can be complex, especially when you are working with global tax laws and tax changes. By using technology and process efficiencies, KPMG Family Office can help prepare your domestic and foreign tax and regulatory returns to assist with worldwide tax compliance.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Tax planning is often at the core of a family office tax strategy. Our proactive, trusted tax professionals provide independent, objective advice tailored to your unique goals, objectives and long-term strategic vision.

KPMG Family Office offers a range of tax services for individuals and families, including tax planning, tax compliance, trust planning, estate planning, cross-border and international tax, and more.

For those making a cross-border move, one of the biggest considerations is the Canadian departure tax. When you leave Canada, you are considered to have sold certain types of property (even if you haven't) at their fair market value and reacquired them for the same amount. This deemed disposition subjects you to a departure tax (or capital gains) on your assets prior to your move to the U.S.

Buying and owning luxury assets such as aircrafts, yachts and vacation properties comes with a number of tax considerations that tax professionals can help with. For example, for family businesses that purchase a private plane, tax planning should focus on how the asset can be structured within the business to be tax efficient.

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